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On the Beauty Talk page that shows the top 10 products the gals from Benefit like, the link to Josie Maran's mist shows a photo of Stila's liquid liner! I refreshed the page just to make sure it wasn't some glitch, but the image stayed. Just a heads up!





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Too funny!  You guys catch everything!

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Haha, it was just a random catch too! I saw the top ten picks from the Benefit gals and thought, "Hmm...what is this? *click* Wait....spray...? Pen???"


At first I thought maybe the image was the spray bottle just warped and really thin, but then I saw the felt tip!


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haha wow, thats funny! Thats the first time I have ever seen Sephora mix brands up lol

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lol, that's kind of funny. I look forward to seeing how this slim pen is suppose to spray and "delivers stunning, tousled style." to my hair. =P

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