REVIEWS and Q & A suggestions!

I'd like to see the REVIEW section have a required field for the reviewer to specify the VARIATION of the product being reviewed. 




Also - I'd like to see the Q & A sections include the date (questions and answers)!.


Thanks Sephora!

Re: REVIEWS and Q & A suggestions!

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Yes! I completely agree!


Sephora, please please please add this feature.


So many people review the OPI for Sephora nail polishes and praise the color, but never include what color they're reviewing. This makes their reviews pretty much useless.


It would be amazing if you could either have a little box people could click for each color or a line that you can write the color in. And make those things mandatory before submitting the review. It would make the reviews infinitely more helpful!


Thank you <3

Re: REVIEWS and Q & A suggestions!

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Great feedback Prettykat! I will definitely pass it along.  I totally agree especially when clients are talking about a particular color.  For now, you can see the dates on the questions/answers if you click on the user name.

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