Can't Upload Pics

I've been unable to upload pictures at all. I've tried using both Firefox and IE. I've tried dragging the photo and choosing the file from my computer. Keep getting an error message.

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Hi Runy!


My apologies, I had to move the post due to a little bug we're having in trying to reply to your post! 


Both the "posting" and "photos" issue are being investigated and should hopefully be updated soon. Have you tried using Chrome at all? Hopefully we will have this updated and resolved soon, thanks for your patience! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Can't Upload Pics

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LOL Diana I was wondering where my post went!!  I tried clearing caches for Firefox & IE and that didn't work.  I've tried it on 2 different computers.  Chrome is the only one I didn't try and I will and get back to you.  But firefox is my main browser and would love for it to work on it.


Also- I've noticed I can't link pictures from an URL either.  It just keeps saying there's no image on that page (tried a few different pages) or it'll insert a broken link.

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