Sephora Show & Tell
What's New Wednesday: Moondust

If you could only pick one, which would you choose? Show & Tell!


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What's New Wednesday: Nail Fuel

Do you have a favorite superfood beauty product? Show & Tell!


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Happy National Lipstick Day!

What's your HG lipstick? Show & Tell!

National Lipstick Day.jpg

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What's New Wednesday: The Power of Makeup

Do you think makeup is powerful? Show & Tell!


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What’s New Wednesday: Face AND Body Foundation

Have you ever tried a body foundation? Show & Tell!


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Enter the Instasummer #Sweepstakes on The Beauty Board!

You could win a $500 Sephora gift card and over $500 in BECCA product!


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What's New Wednesday: U.F.O.

Oil for acne? What do you think?!


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The Rebel Eye Challenge!

Show us your take on Rebel Eyes!


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What's New Wednesday: Smooth Operators

What’s your go-to natural skin care regimen? Chime in and let us know!



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What's New Wednesday: Liquid Art

How do you achieve the perfect line? Show & Tell!


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What's New Wednesday: Vitamin Nectar

What’s your favorite way to give your skin a boost? Show & Tell!


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What's New Wednesday: Loubilaque

Do you even Loubilaque? Show & Tell!





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WNW: Mara Hoffman for Sephora Collection

What do you think of this collab? Show & Tell!

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In Focus: Ingredients to Revive

What are your top skincare ingredients? Show & Tell!

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Fragrance Oils are Trending at Sephora

What's your favorite fragrance oil? Show & Tell!


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Today! Chat live with Lisa Eldridge!

Ask Lisa Eldridge a beauty question live on BeautyTalk today! 



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Today. Live Chat. Lisa Eldridge. Be There.

Lisa Eldridge will be on BeautyTalk from 12-1 pm PDT. Don't miss it!


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What's New Wednesday: Ceramidin Body

What's your favorite all-over moisturizer? Show & Tell!


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What's New Wednesday: Plantscription

What's your favorite skincare multitasker? Show & Tell!


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TDT: Sunday Riley Edition!

What’s your HG Sunday Riley Oil? Throw Down!


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What's New Wednesday: MODSTER BIG Mascara

How do you keep your lashes looking fabulous? Let us know!


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What's New Wednesday: The Ultimate Travel Bag

What are your travel bag essentials? Show & Tell!



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Live Chat TODAY with Tatcha and Drunk Elephant!

Today we are chatting skincare with two amazing brand founders! Check it out!


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What’s New Wednesday: Water Drop Moisturizer!?

Any tips on keeping your skin healthy and hydrated? Show & Tell!

Water Drop_v8.jpg


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Full Lips are Trending at Sephora!

 What do you use to create your perfect pout? Show & Tell!


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What's New Wednesday: rms beauty

What do you think of rms beauty? Show & Tell!


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In Focus: SPF Multitaskers

How are you protecting your skin from the sun? Let us know!


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TDT: Marc Jacobs Fragrances

Which MJ fragrance is the sweetest-smelling of them all? Throw down!


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