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Ellis Brooklyn Rrose Eau de Parfum & Body Milk Gift Set

This must-have duo from Ellis Brooklyn comes with an alluring eau de parfum spray and luxurious body milk for a burst of floral freshness. Both feature an aroma that is an olfactive ode to Rrose Sélavy - the feminine alter ego of the author, artist, and provocateur Marcel Duchamp. Great for layering or using alone, petals of Centifolia roses blend with peony, Sicilian lemon, seductive spring musks, and cashmere woods for the perfect finish. –Tracy J.


What's your go-to scent? Show & Tell!


Oh interesting.  Will this be available in Canada? Thanks!

oh i'm intrigued, i love the concept behind this fragrance and i'm a lover of rose. unfortunately for me, fragrances that contain peony are always overwhelmed by the peony note; my brain tends to only hone in on that only. 


i have too many go-to scents. rose is my go-to for times when i want to feel both feminine and strong. i've never settled on a rose scent to Call My Own though (i only have deluxe samples and / or purse sprays). my favorite roses though are Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme, Diptyque Eau Rose, Serge Lutens Fille de Berlin and Tom Ford Noir de Noir. The diptyque one is particularly fresh, but i tend to like velvet bloody rose scents; the sorts of roses you'd imagine a vampire wearing.


outside of the rose family, my favorites tend to be resinous and dark or simple fresh and green, such as Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan (perhaps my ultimate signature) and Diptyque Philosykos. 


i'm eager to get my nose on this ellis brooklyn brand. 

Sounds intriguing. I like subtle Rose scent in body products. Hope this one will come on Canadian side as well.

Hmm, this sounds right up my alley!


Right now, the scents I reach for the most are Tocca Emilia (I love everything fig, mmmm Diptyque figuier candle and philosykos spray), and I love my Killian "good girl gone bad".  I have a bunch of others too but I reach for those the most.

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Wow!  I am not familiar with this brand, at all, but I love finding out about new things!


Duchamp is one of my all time favorite artists, so tbh, I would probably buy this perfume based on the name alone.


 I also love  rose and citrus scents together, so this sounds quite lovely!


I don't really have a go to scent as I change my fragrance every day, based on my mood, though I dream of finding a signature scent.  

Rose really isn't my thing Smiley Sad Also being sensitive to most scents I am very picky about fragrance. I do love vanilla and anything along the lines of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Diptyque Feu de Bois. I wish Feu de Bois was an actual perfume and not just a home fragrance. Smiley Very Happy

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Very very anti-rose. However, I have been digging lemon scents lately. My favorite go to scent is Alien layered with Tokyomilk Dark Tainted love.

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Beach Walk by Maison Margiela is always amazing and refreshing and summery! Everything I love!

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I love all rose scents and my latest is Diptyque Rose de Mai!  Will keep my eye out for this scent!

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This sounds right up my alley! Obssesed with all things rose! Smiley Very Happy

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