What's New Wednesday: Red, White and NEW

There was no way today wasn't going to have this theme (and I'm a complete sucker for a good pun Smiley Happy). Here's what's red, white and new that I'm loving on the site this week. Happy almost 4th!


brushes 7.3.jpg



Sephora Collection 15th Anniversary Ultimate Travel Brush Set

We've discussed my love of brushes, especially Sephora Collection ones in these all-inclusive sets. Even though I *technically* own all of these, the adorbz shiny (and festive!) red travel case is making my "add to basket" trigger finger itch...





diorsnow uvb 7.3.jpg






Dior Diorsnow White Reveal UV Shield SPF 50

This luxe sunscreen gives maximum protection and combats oily skin, even on the hottest of days. I'm sold.





stila 7.3.jpg



Stila Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

I want to swipe this liner on for festive flash of colbalt, and if it's anything like Stila's other All Day liners, it will last well past tomorrow night's fireworks.








What's new on the site that you are loving this week? Show & Tell!

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Isn't that the same red brush set that came out right around Valentine's this year?  I know what you mean about the itchy trigger finger, I had to exercise some serious self control when I saw that beautiful red case and those red brushes!

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@drrragon - no, it's a different one. This one is the 15th Anniversary version. The brushes are similar in a lot of our sets but the cases always change.

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I saw this today and am barely restraining myself from rushing out to buy it!  Bare Minerals has a new 8.0 palette called "the Power of Neutrals".  If that greenish color was more taupey I would definitely be having a problem right now with No Buy July!


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Sadly all the new products and an early paycheck took control and I bought too many new things!


I'm really looking forward to going to the store to smell the new MJ Honey perfume!



I also picked up a few more of our new Waterproof liquid liners- Matte black and brown!


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