What’s New Wednesday: Paint Shadows


Want a waterproof, easy-to-apply cream eye shadow that doesn't smudge, budge, or crease? This long-lasting, ultra-rich Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow glides on seamlessly and is super-simple to blend or layer with multiple hues for a flawless look. The smooth formula is enriched with mango butter for lusciously hydrated lids and comfortable eyes all day, and comes in 20 stunning shade options–from iridescent warm beige to matte fuchsia to lustrous dark blue. Feel free to use alone, as an eye liner, or as a base for your favorite shadow. –Tracy J.


What look would you create with these shadows? Show & Tell!


I feel like I just read a romance novel. How could anyone not want to try this after that?! I mean what more could you want from am eyeshadow lol. 

Yay!!!! I totally forgot to keep track of these! Thanks @KatieBT!  Adding some to my loves list now!!!


Oh man you could create a perfect mermaid look and go swimming with it Smiley Very Happy

Oh hello little darlings!  I love an easy shimmery lid so I'm super excited for that formula (I hear you calling my name I-80!).  I hope these work as a eyeshadow base as well!  I like layering shadows over a base to make them pop but have a hard time blending out pencils.  There are so many color options.  I can't wait to try them!

Nothing more I love than shadows that come in tubes or stick form as they are travel friendly and great for quick looks. I was going to pick up the milk makeup pigments soon but I may give these a go first since they sound less drying on the lids. The colors are stunning and you can use these are liners?! Sold!!

I love cream eyeshadow formulas, especially in the summer! I like that these are waterproof, too! Smiley Happy Definitely adding a few to my wishlist.

@Mcakes Tracy will love that comment!


@veronika23 I love that idea, you'll be one step closer to 100% mermaid Smiley Wink


@michelleshops @Anewxa @angel7594 report back if you try these!

I'm really excited for these! I would love to try these as a colored liner, or use to blend on the cheeks and eyes for a sultry, avant-garde look. 


The fact that these are waterproof makes me really happy. Maybe I could attempt a new brow color??? YAASSS

These look really nice!  I can see myself using one as an eyeshadow base or possibly an eyeliner.

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I can say that MUFE is one of my favourite brands, maybe the favourite.  I'm very excited to see how these work out.  I love a wash of pinky taupe colour with mascara for a simple summer eye with a brighter lip.  I've got a few of the aqua creams and I'll be curious to see the differences between the two formulas. 

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These sound really interesting. Eyes peel to read the reviews of those who have tried or will try before I do 😉

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I'm also curious about these! Has anyone tried them? I'm currently loving makeup that I can apply with my fingers these days, and the lighter shadows look lovely.

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I can not WAIT to try these!! That red is calling my name. Red eyeliner is a mild obsession. Ok, maybe major LOL! These look fantastic!

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Omg!  These look perfect for face art!  I'm trying so hard to resist them since I just announced a little shopping break but I may need to try at least two.  I dont have anything like these so I can justify them that way right?  Maybe the navy and the red? Ugh, I am a sick woman!  

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