What's New Wednesday: New Avatars

Have you seen the quirky little chicas in our Sweet 15 artwork?


Meet our new BeautyTalk avatars!


You can choose from 15 custom characters created for Sephora by Keiichi Tanaami, one of Japan’s most iconic pop artists. Which one is your fave? Are you a Giddy Gladys, or more of a Dancing Dolly? I'm partial to Out-There Olga because of her fab nails, obvs.


sweet 15 avatars_new.jpg

How to change your Avatar:
- Go to your profile page.
- Click the "edit" button in the top right corner of the "About Me" box.
- From the "My Settings" Menu, click the "Avatars" tab.
- Under "Choose an avatar", click on the avatar of your choice.
Congrats! You have a new avatar!

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I'm don't want anyone to take this wrong but their kinda strange. I wouldn't want to change my current avatar to one  of these. (Sorry)! Just my opinion.

Those are gross!  I think I'll keep my daisies.


I'm sure someone will like them, though.  Enjoy!

I find them just a little bit creepy.......

Not my personal style but I love that Sephora has something for everyone!

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i like how creepy and vintage and psychadelic they are. I'm gonna change mine to one now!

Not for me. But I appreciate art in all its forms Smiley Very Happy

Lol, the pictures are definitely psychadelic cartoon style but the description for each made them even more oddball/weird and made me laugh. I read a lot of manga (Japanese cartoons) and they look like the otherworldly creatures from those storys, except more colorful, prettier, and about make up. 


I spent way too much time making my current avatar (took me hours) to change, but more options are always appreciated, and the descriptions are amusing. 

I pretty much agree with everyone.  However, it is a different art form that we are not accustomed to, and that could be one of various reasons why we are a bit creeped out by them.  However, the descriptions cracked me up.  Smiley Happy

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Gabby Gail is me! I am obsessed with mascara, lashes and curlers and her huge smile looks like she has a lip curler too though! lol, cute and colorful! Art is so creative, it can be a challenge even creating charicatures like this one- I love the details to each one's unique face and the cute descriptions! 

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Those weird me out - something straight out of a Japanese cartoon nightmare!

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Daring Dorothy is the cutest in my opinion/ the least scary. I like her!

@kalex. Muahahahaha! Lol, you mean the kind of monster that gets defeated by sailor moon/card captor ? That would be kind of fun, since they are make up monsters, you can have make up superheroes. XD

Wow, tough crowd. Smiley Happy


@ my Hall of Famers - these avis might not be your cuppa, but we have another project coming soon that I think might be. Stay tuned! Smiley Wink #secretsquirrel

They are very creepy. BUT my favorite is Bubbly Beatrice because it looks like Redy the Teddy from Nightmare Before Christmas! Smiley Very Happy lol

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@beautytester I miss Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors! 

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These new avis actually make me want to stop and really look at them more and more.


Though they're not something I would go for right off the bat, they're definitely worth more than a few looks and I love spotting out the details and intricacies of each one. My inner art nerd is having a field day analyzing color choice and design, I think these would actually make some killer accents on some tank tops or even messenger bags!


I'd probably fall into Daring Dorothy, it's actually quite fun reading into their personalities! Smiley Very Happy

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I like the one in pink on the right (from Sephora FB), can I have her? Electric Eleanor is pretty cool too the more I look at her!



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