What's New Wednesday: Luxe Spring Fragrances

It's What's New Wednesday! Today we have luxe fragrance picks from another one of our intreprid website copywriters, Kris. Check out his picks!


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"Do you have a go-to fragrance or do you switch up your scent to suit your mood? This week we have several new fragrances on sephora.com, from airy and carefree to sultry and seductive these new scents will lift your spirits and give you a spring forward."


Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her

"The it fragrance for the rocker girl, Brit Rhythm balances the iconic Brit scent with a powerful and sensual edge. This is the perfect fragrance for when you’re feeling just a bit dangerous."


Bvlgari Aqva Amara

"The inspiration for this spicy and mysterious scent was the breezy Mediterranean. The fragrance draws on the highest quality ingredients to re-create the spicy, woody, and oceanic tones in an unforgettable outdoorsy scent for the modern man." 


Kenzo Flower In The Air

"At the other end of the spectrum is this soft and dreamy floral that promises inspiration and well-being. A new interpretation of the classically elegant “FlowerbyKenzo” this lighter-than-air fragrance is truly uplifting."


What new products have you been eyeing? Show and Tell!

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Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is very spring/summery. So fresh smelling. I love it. Smiley Happy



The new Replica fragrances!  I want to sniff them all but of course they aren't sold in my area.


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The picture thing isn't working... Smiley Sad

I'm dying to try the Replica fragrances too!

I hope they have samples online soon for the Replica fragrances. Smiley Happy

I have a really hard time with fragrance because of my migraines.  A few types of scents are really a trigger for me so when I find one that works I end up sticking with it.  I really want to try the new Tory Burch.


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Oh that Kenzo perfume! It's as cute as a button. You have officially enabled me into putting it on my love list, and I was trying so hard to trim it down, lol.

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Oh, but I was planning on getting the Clinique cheek pop blush cuz they are so cute. And I want that Shiseido Ibuki set so bad.... o.o

I want to try the Replica fragrances too! I need to figure out how to get my hands on them.


@beautytester - I always say we should change the name of Show and Tell to "EnablersUnited" Smiley Happy

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@Kalex now I want to smell those too!


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I so want to try this perfume 




but they don't have it in my local Sephora..It sounds so yummy!!

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I just cant wait for Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight to come out!

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It's not a new fragrance, but I have wanted Bobbi Brown's Beach for a while now. I think I am going to purchase it as soon as it starts getting warmer outside. It's the perfect scent for spring and summer! The scent reminds me of long, sunny days Smiley Happy.

Walked into Sephora this evening hoping to get Thierry Mugler Angel, but it just didn't smell the same on me as the last time I tested it. But have no fear!!... I walked out with something even better...





Never thought I'd hop on the Tom Ford bandwagon... "I don't pop Mollies/ I rock Tom Ford" (...perfume, that is!)


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Omg. I need to smell the Replica fragrance in Jazz Club, it sounds wonderful. I'm not really a fragrance user (I always forget to put some on) BUT I love buying colognes for my BF, because who doesn't love a delicious smelling man!

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