What's New Wednesday: Just Swatched

Hi BeautyTalkers! For today's What's New Wednesday, I wanted to show you 3 sets that I just swatched (like, just rubbed the colors off of my arms) for an upcoming email. I can't show you the swatches yet, but the palettes are newly live on the site, so check 'em out.


And believe me when I say, they're beeeeyoutiful in person. Smiley Happy


What new sets would you like to see swatched? Show & Tell!


swatch 10.30.jpg


Buxom Shimmer & Shake™ Show-Stopping Collection of 15 Mini Full-On™ Lip Polishes & Creams


bareMinerals Degrees Of Dazzling


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar All-Star Mini x 12 Set


The Marc Jacobs lip trove, please and thank you!

I would love to see the lip tars swatched! <3

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I'm so thankful that there are smaller lip tars available. Those regular sized tubes may seem small but there's a TON of product in them! So something smaller is much appreciated.

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Yes, I would love to see Marc Jacobs Lip Trove.  The formula of these lipsticks is wonderful.  I own a few and would LOVE to be pushed over the edge to buy this set!!  Smiley Very Happy


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I really want those lip tars!  I can't wait to see what the swatches look like. Smiley Happy

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@janinebt I agree!  Smaller lip tars are perfect!  I have several regular sized lip tars and i'm pretty sure I have not use even 10% of it, maybe even 5%!  Plus they look so cute now that they made them smaller!

That Buxom set has been in my loves list since I set eyes on it. Thinking I will take out the colors that I love and divide up the others into stockings or something.

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Total want that Buxom set big time!!! Love me some Buxom. Kiki I love your idea of gifting the ones you don't like as much. 

Ooh Buxom.  And the lip tars. So much swatching, so little time.

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@shapeshifter & garnett - We have swatched the colors that are in the lip trove! You can see them here: http://community.sephora.com/t5/The-Swatch-Board/Marc-Jacobs-Beauty/m-p/663367 (scroll to the bottom). 

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Buxom, please! I really want that set, I'm waiting for gc time and then purchasing it along with some Fresh goodies, come on December! lol Smiley Tongue

I've had a HUGE lip fetish lately & have been eyeing the new Lip Tar Set!  I'm with Janine on the regular sizes being too much, even if its primarily for my makeup kit.  My sister tried out another one of our lip sets recently, but found it a little drying, but since Buxom is one of her favs, I may encourage her to pick one up Smiley Happy  

@miabt - I think you mean enable. Smiley Happy

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Buxom please

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I'd love to see swatches of this!


I feel like it's such an interesting set but I'm hesitant to buy without seeing swatches. 

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^^^ I agree with marydiva, I would love to see this swatched!!! It's been on my Loves List since it popped up online Smiley Happy

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@marydiva , i had to try out the irridescent lip gloss in the store, it looks seriously cool swatched on my hand! Unfortunately it looked pretty much clear on my lips. I did think the shadow duo was nice, but not as nice as the one in the MJ set i'm hoping to get.

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