What's New Wednesday: Gift 'em Before They're Gone

These items aren't *super* new, but I heard it through the office grapevine* that these particular sets have been so popular they may not be around for much longer.


So I wanted to give you head's up, of course. If you were planning on grabbing them, now is the time! (Or tomorrow is the time, #amirite VIBs?) Smiley Happy





Benefit Cosmetics Countdown To Love Advent Calendar

Fresh Essentials

NEST Eau de Parfum Coffret


Which holiday set would you grab now if you knew it was going to sell out quickly? Show & Tell!

*Disclaimer: The office grapevine admittedly doesn't come through me that often, but when I get a good bit of news that I can share with my BeautyTalkers you know I will. This however, does not mean that I know when all things are going out of stock ever. Smiley Happy

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You're so bad for temping us like this! But I do appreciate the low stock alert. Thanks, Candace!

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@lilyyy - I'm here for you! I'd be bummed if I saw someone was upset they missed out and I knew but kept the information to myself. "If you see something, say something!" (Oh wait, that's not supposed to apply to shopping, huh?)

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I've snagged the Benefit Advent Calendar and I have to say it would make the perfect gift! The stock photo doesn't do this product justice as the box is as large as the top portion of my body! I haven't opened it yet as I'm trying to wait until December 1st, but it's very tempting!

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@Candancebt, you're in DC?!?! That's our Metro slogan.

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@lilyy - No, but I'm originally from DC, and I visit a lot! I think it's in airports too. Smiley Happy

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Thanks for letting us know! I've wanted to get the Advent calendar forever, but haven't snatched it up yet. Time to make another order. Smiley Happy

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