What's New Wednesday: Formula X, Shiseido and NARS

Here's what I'm lusting after this week. #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney



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Formula X for Sephora

It's here! It's here! The new, reformulated Formula X for Sephora has finally hit the site. Over 200 colors and effects, amazing coverage, and some of the coolest glitters I've ever seen...my wallet is about to be very, very mad at me.





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Shiseido IBUKI Ready For Anything Skin Set

I am not really familiar with Shiseido skincare, except that everyone I know who uses it, swears by it. The Ibuki line was formulated for younger skin with oily / combination issues, and for $25, picking this sampler up means I can try a great skincare line AND buy more nail polish.



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NARS Eye Paint

I have to admit: François Nars can do no wrong in my book. But his new eye paints come in a range of beautiful fall colors, and look like silky perfection. I'm also a sucker for gel pots, so...WANT.





What's new on the site that you are loving this week? Show & Tell!


See what else is new> http://seph.me/18tZaPS


I'm all over the Sephora X nail polishes! Some of the finishes are so awesome!

I'm also lusting after all these fragrance sets that are coming out! 

Omg, seriously such a good thing it's my birthday month Smiley Wink

My birthday month is December.... is it too early to start celebrating?


Those NARS paint pots are calling my name. And nail polish, well, you can never have too much!

@melde hahaha no of course not Smiley Wink!

The Nars Eye Paint Smiley Happy Beautiful, (imo) easy to apply. Color wise I went with something I would not normally - Snake Eyes - When the light hits it and it is even better (like possible?!!). Oh Nars *sigh Smiley Happy


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I'm purposely avoiding new products right now.


I did try the Ibuki kit when it first came out- liked it a lot better than The Skincare!

@wendyomgwar hehe, perfect! and Happy Birthday Month to you!

@wendyomgwar - It's my birthday month too! Those polishes are caaaaaalling my name! 

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@ melde Thanks!!!

@candacebt Wooooohhooo October babies Smiley Wink

Everyone keeps telling em how amazing they are!

Must have!

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Those polishes have already called my name Smiley Happy  I snagged the Sephora X polish in Thrilling and the base, cleanser and top coat set.  Supposedly official launch tomorrow on Thursday and I was the first one to actually buy the set...so they had to figure out to ring it up since it technically wasn't in the system to discount the nail polish color that goes with the set you can pick out yet.  And the three are supposed to work with ANY polish, so hopefully this will make it so my nails don't chip in the first 48 hours.

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Vice 2, and I bought it. NARS cream foundation compact in Siberia, I love it but haven't gotten it yet. Maybe they aren't new-new today but new to me. Smiley Happy


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