What's New Wednesday: Commuter Beauty

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Commuter Beauty

-Lauren P., Product Copywriter


I’m always headed somewhere—to work, on a last-minute trip, to the gym, out to happy hour…whatever the case, here are a few new favorites that leave me feeling prepared (and looking prepared) for anything while on the go.


Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation

Between traffic jams, smog, and daily stress, my face sees it all, so I like to protect it from the elements. Perfect for controlling shine, this new liquid foundation from Yves Saint Laurent achieves soft-matte coverage that lasts up to 24 hours—leaving skin with a lightweight, flawless finish.


Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Even in a hurry, this champion eye cream is a must-have for facing a busy day, and is the perfect tool for strengthening the delicate skin around eyes. Formulated with Persian silk tree extract and microalgae oil, it supports firmness all around the eye area, improves illumination, and leaves skin nourished and smooth—so you can flaunt a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look all day long.


Tarte Deluxe Cheek Stain

I carry too many things in my purse, but there are some things I can’t live without: my favorite lip gloss, a compact…and my Tarte Deluxe Energy Cheek Stain. When you want to look fresh-faced, this blush saves the day, leaving you with a natural-looking flush. It’s infused with Tarte’s proprietary t5 super fruit complex™, which supports antiaging, and it’s formulated to work with the skin’s natural pH, leaving cheeks with a pink glow that’s uniquely your own.


What's new on the site that's caught your eye this week? Show and Tell! 

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I can't wait for my store to get the YSL ink foundation!! I really want to try it out but there is no way I feel confident enough to try to get my shade online. I suppose I'll just have to wait. 

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I'm excited to try the Genius eye cream.  With it being an Algenist product, I'm sure it will be great!

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Super excited for the YSL foundation!  I've always struggled with shine and maybe this foundation will keep my face nice and matte.  Fingers crossed!

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I really want to try the Algenist Eye Cream. I haven't seen it yet; I'm guessing it's not available yet. 

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MrsBaine, the eye cream is available for ordering now.  It doesn't show up in the new products/just arrived list.

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@MrsBaine - it's available! Click on the name of the product - that's the link!


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The YSL foundation is definitely calling to me, but I think I'll wait until I can swatch it. The Clean rollerball set is definitely going to be included in my next order. Also happy to see the Algenist genius eye cream. Anyone know how it compares to the Firm & Lift eye? My bottle of that is about to run dry and wondering if the genius would be at least as effective if not better.

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That YSL Foundation... as if I need more foundations!  Randee & I were just admiring it the other day :smileyhappy:  Another beauty that caught my eye was the Clarisonic Sonic Radiance™ Brightening Solution Kit.  I definitely don't need a 3rd Clarisonic (yes, I have 2 already... don't judge me!) but the rose gold is so gorgeous & my vanity is begging me to buy it :smileywink:  

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@miabt - Ugggggh I want that Clarisonic so badly! I only have one so it's okay, right? :smileyhappy:

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@Candace - YES!!  #guiltyENABLER <3

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Went to the Rideau Center Ottawa Rouge even tonight hoping to try the YSL ink foundation but they don't have them in yet and could not get a date as to when they would be. (maybe one of the mods can let me know? Thanks!)

The YSL rep said she hasn't even seen them yet which is odd because you would think they would be trained on the upcoming season's hot new items.



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That Algenist Eye Cream looks amazing! I really want to try the Dr. Jart BB Bounce cream too (I know, not in the new section, but I just read about it - so now I want to try it!)

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I need the ysl in my life. Seriously. 

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That eye cream looks incredible!  I don't need to buy it, I don't need to buy it.....oh who am I kidding.  

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@rjamlt I may need to add that to my loves list.  That looks interesting!


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I couldn't contain myself and bought the YSL sight unseen.  I have a strong feeling I won't be disappointed, it seems incredible!

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I really want to try the ysl foundation!! Sounds dreamy! <3

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So excited about the YSL Ink foundation, but won't buy until I see reviews :smileyhappy:

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The new product that has caught my eye is the Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream! It looks divine <3




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