What's New Wednesday: Breast Cancer Awareness

So technically these products aren't new, but they're important enough that they need to be shouted out. In case you've been under a rock, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Proceeds from every purchase of a BCA product on Sephora.com will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Nice to know my product addiction can actually do some good! 


The picks below are my personal faves, but check out the entire list of BCA products here> http://seph.me/1cudEB6


Which BCA products are you loving? Show & Tell!



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Really nice picks! I really want to smell those Nest candles.

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The dry shampoo is intriguing! But I've never used dry shampoo before and don't know if it's a necessity... Smiley Happy


The hair spray I just ordered (Spray de Mode) has proceeds going towards a breast cancer charity, I believe.

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Ooo, I'm curious and have a question! The link to the BCA products state that proceeds will go to BCA, but is there a specific portion for all the items or is it based off of whatever deal was struck between Sephora and each brand? Or will the entire cost/purchase price be a donation?

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I am digging the glam glow mask!

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Is that the original Daisy?

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Pretty! I love this new "Together in Pink" Brush set- perfect for a smokey eye!




@lylysa, I think that the donation depends on the company making the item and that they are contributing, not Sephora.  (Unless the company is Sephora, of course.)  For example, I know the Clinique Pink Ribbon Honey lipstick and pouch (looks like it's sold out here) has a $3 donation to Brest Cancer Research Foundation, and the Dramatically Different lotion has $10.  Glamglow is donating 25% of profits.


So no, it's not the total price, and it's different for each item.  Some of the item descriptions that I looked at say what the contribution is, and others aren't as clear, but look at the descriptions.


And yes @beautylovingirl, it looks like Classic Daisy (Eau de Parfum) in a limited edition bottle.

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@ Mafan, thanks for the info! I didn't think it would end up being all profiles being made to BCA, but then that left me wondering the percentages from the brands. I didn't get a chance to check out each product yet, but thank you thank you for looking into that for me!

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@Mafan- Thanks!Smiley Wink

Thanks for answering, Mafan! #eachoneteachone #BTtotherescue

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The pink handle brush Set, very tempting! I'm so bad about wanting more brushes always! 

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