What’s New Wednesday: Biossance


Biossance utilizes innovative biotechnology for squalene-based skin care products that are not only safe, but effective. The ultra-refreshing Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil effortlessly melts away long-wear makeup and impurities for a soft, hydrated complexion. Luxurious and moisturizing, the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil brightens, visibly firms, and evens skin’s texture and tone for a healthy look. Nourish, balance, and protect skin with the lightweight, energizing Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer. –Tracy J.


What' s your favorite plant-based product? Show & Tell!


I actually really like this line. I have rose face oil and the squalane oil. Both are great. Check out there website sometimes they have promos for trying a deluxe size for free! 

Oh no! Not available in Canada Smiley Sad

just a bit of trivia for those curious ! squalene is typically / traditionally derived from shark liver oil. squalane is the hydrogenation of squalene, and often plant derived. if a brand claims their squalane is derived from a plant source, it is, but if they don't make that distinction while still using 'squalane' the source can not be guaranteed (as it is not required by law to do so). this brand proudly declares their squalane as plant origin Smiley Happy

Thanks for the info @jemly!  As a vegetarian, I have been hesitant to use products with this ingredient knowing it can be derived from both sources, but not knowing how to tell the difference.

@KatieBT will this line be coming to Canada?  I see some things I'd be interested in trying Smiley Happy

@veronika23 and @Mochapj it's coming! It should arrive by mid-March Smiley Happy


@jemly that's some sad trivia but I'm glad Biossance is serving up the plant-based alternative! 

Thanks @KatieBT Smiley Happy That's good to know @jemly. Thx!

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Thanks @KatieBT! Excited to see it! Smiley Wink

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I am excited we will see this brand on Canadian side. Maybe my hunt for a new favourite cleansing oil ends here.

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A probiotic moisturizer...very intriguing! Added to my loves.

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Ooh, look forward to trying these!

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I'm happy to see this brand being offered at Sephora.  I was a tester when it first launched (or was about to?) a few years ago and was impressed by the original formula and later, the rose oil.  Can't wait to try out the newer offerings!

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