What's New Thursday: Pretty Vulgar


We just launched a new brand at Sephora called Pretty Vulgar and, as you may be able to tell, the brand is all about beauty contradictions. Pretty Vulgar embraces all personalities from sweet to, well, vulgar. Their quality products are bundled up in unique and adorably vintage packaging! Let's discuss the brand's drool-worthy product…


  • The Pretty Birdie Eyeshadow Palette features 12 pigmented shades that come in matte and shimmery finishes. The majority of these creamy, blendable pigments come in vibrant shades with a several neutral tones as well.
  • The On Point Liquid Eyeliner Pen is a long-wearing and pigmented eyeliner with packaging that emulates a traditional calligraphy pen.
  • The Feathers Mascara features a long-wearing formula that is volumizing and also enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate to maintain healthy lashes. The rose gold, bird cage packaging is distinctively gorgeous.
  • My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipsticks all come in a metallic finish and offer a variety of lustrous, bright hues and everyday neutrals.
  • The Lock It In Makeup Setting Spray sets your makeup, refreshes it throughout the day and rehydrates your skin whenever you need a pick-me-up. The pink spritzer bottle top adds an angelic touch.


What do you think of this packaging? Show & Tell!


The packaging is beyond beautiful, I was just admiring it! : )  Everything looks like a work of art and it would make for a beautiful gift - I love the antique birdcage motifs and the liner/calligraphy pen is so clever.  I think someone should give it to ME as a gift because I do a lot of writing for a living, lol.  I may have to drop some hints...

@KatieBT   I think it's super cute! Not sure what I will be getting yet but I definitely want to try something.  Sephora needs more cute brands like this... hint HINT Les Merveilleuse de Laduree, Jill Stuart, Anna Sui... to name a few. Just so it's clear... Les Merveilleuse de Laduree. Smiley Wink  Got it. Ok good! Smiley Very Happy

@RoseCharlie exactly and you can tell they put so much thought into each design. I agree with you I would love to admire these on my vanity!


@veronika23 Their mascara looks amazing so you must let me know if you decide to try it! The metallic shades of their liquid lipsticks are gorgeous and the formula feels like a lipstick/gloss hybrid. I didn't mention it above but their Shimmering Swan highlight is so pigmented and the packaging looks like a tiny silver frame! I'll take a look at those brands Smiley Very Happy

Thanks for the suggestions @KatieBT!  I really do like the design of the mascara Smiley Happy  Anna Sui's summer line this year is made for mermaids! It's sooo beautiful.

This is all super cute @KatieBT! Have you had the chance to try this out yet? I'm waiting on some reviews. I wish I could get my hands on it to test it out in store or something. Maybe soon!

@veronika23 that sounds amazing!


@Mcakes anything you're particularly curious about?

The eyeshadow palettes and the mascara are what I am most curious about @KatieBT! Smiley Very Happy

@KatieBT , first of all, thank you for sharing this information as well as images with us. As for how I personally like it, well, they are just two cute for words. I was especially intrigued by the item on the far left, it is simply beautiful. I think the only thing that would hold me back from buying is i really do rely on reviews/fellow customer experiences to help gauge whether any of these products would be right for me. Then again if Sephora offered these items as one of three complimentary samples with purchase, that would be a great way for people to not only try the product but hey the word out to others.


@KatieBT thank you again for sharing this with us!

@KatieBT  it is!  Here's her empty case. It really does say mermaid and it's even more beautiful IRL! I hope that Pretty Vulgar will encourage Sephora to carry more brands with awesome packaging Smiley Wink

Anna Sui Makeup Palette 03 product smear.

Super curious about this brand! Like many, I am also waiting for reviews :-) The eyeshadow palette pictured here sparked my interest, which is odd since I'm not usually into colorful shadows!

I'm not really in the market for an eyeshadow palette at the moment but the colours look like a nice assortment of everyday work neutrals and pops of fun.  The mascara description sounds right up my ally and I'm always looking for great setting sprays.  The packaging is beautiful and makes me think of how glamorous putting make up on really can be, sitting at a vanity taking the time for yourself.  I think seeing packaging like this would encourage me to slow down some days and remember to enjoy the experience.  Of course the products they house need to be amazing as well. I'll be looking forward to seeing reviews on BT!

I think the packaging is super cute! I want to try out the mascara, liquid lipsticks, and setting spray at some point. I am pretty curious about this brand and I can't wait until I'm able to get something and try it out!

Love the packaging! How a product performs is of course my number one concern but if it also looks pretty sitting on my vanity that is definitely an added bonus!

@Mcakes I have the mascara at my desk but apparently someone really loved the head of the wand because it's MIA! I will let you know if I hear of anyone using it. Here are swatches of the palette and a look at the mascara packaging. 

Pretty Birdie Swatches.jpg

@veronika23 OMG that packaging is beautiful!

LOL!! @KatieBT So there is a mascara thief running around the office eh?! Smiley Very Happy Can't say I blame them, that mascara is just too cute for words! 

The colors look so nice! They all look matte except for the gold shimmer and the satin on the end. Is that about right? 

I was just admiring the packaging on the Sephora app! Like everyone else, I'm waiting on reviews, though I have a lipstick sitting in my cart right now. I do have to mention that I love, love, love that lipstick swatches are available on a variety of skin tones on the product page!

It's been mentioned already but the packaging definitely reminds me of Les Merveilleuses Laduree! Also, super random but I can't stop being reminded of poetry like Maya Angelou's Caged Bird. The bird, bird cage, rose, lettering, and calligraphy pen reminds me of springtime and romantic poetry.

Ohhhh very pretty palette!!! Would love to own that mascara just for the packaging Smiley Happy

These will also make great gifts. Can't wait to see their holiday collection!

I like!   I really love the finishing spray bottle!  It's on it's way!  The packaging looks like a hybrid of Benefit and Jill Stuart.  It's wonderfully girlie and whimsical! I would love to see more brands with this aesthetic!  

Thanks for this post. The name of the brand didn't initially appeal to me, so I hadn't even browsed the products. I really like the lipstick and liner packaging, but hoping for some reviews first!

I love the packaging for the Mascara! Everything looks super cute..although truthfully the brand name kinda threw me off a bit Smiley Very Happy

I like the powders with the frame packaging; very cute and useful to see the color. I'm most interested in the liquid liner because of the unique spade shape, and the matte lip treatment (I need to find something to replace my Nuxe since it is leaving the US). The packaging on the mascara is very beautiful.

I agree with @veronika23, I hope Sephora starts to carry some more lines with intricately designed packaging like Laduree, Jill Stuart and Anna Sui!!

I've got one pet peeve- and this is from the photographer in me- their swatch photos and swatch videos could be very helpful since they include multiple skin tones (yay!!), but they seem to have made a stylistic decision to give the images a cool color cast. The swatch colors vs product photo are so different in this palette for instance: http://www.sephora.com/early-bird-eyeshadow-palette-P418019?skuId=1949791&icid2=pretty_vulgar_eyes_c...Smiley Tongue !

I'm in the minority here -- I don't care for the packaging.  I'm getting old lady vibes from the porcelain cap with roses.  The liquid liner as caligraphy pen tip is cute but other than that I'm not feeling it.

I agree with @itscarin, I thought of "Arsenic and Old Lace" when I saw the packaging.  Not my style.


The eye shadow colors are very pretty.  Would like to see reviews first of course.

I totally love this packaging!  I already ordered one of the Pretty Vulgar blushes and definitely aim to check out more from this line!


I agree with @veronika23 - I am super excited to see Sephora carrying more whimsical packaging and hope to see more in the future! <3

I'll just leave this here Smiley Very Happy 

@Mcakes Thanks for the video! You can always count on Tarababyz. Smiley Very Happy

I think the packaging on the palettes and the mascara is really stunning. I am a sucker for birds though. Slap a bird on just about anything and I'll be into it. 

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