Weekly Challenge: Beauty Confessional

From a beauty risk she'll never take to the best place to touch up at a party, we got Kat Von D to tell-all in our beauty confessional.


Now it's your turn! For this week's Beauty Challenge, confess! Share your answers in the comments below.


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My beauty look right now- Bold eyes, neutral lips or a bright summer color.


I make wearing makeup my own- By wearing what colors I want to wear and how I want to wear them.


My Beauty Mantra- Wearing my eyeliner and shawdows in different ways and not taking it too seriously. There's too many things in the world that are serious at some point makeup has to be fun and others tell me they could never get away with it.


Never been to either NY or LA so I'll take BermudaSmiley Happy


Spa Service of Choice- Massage


Beauty Risk I'll never take- Neon Eye Shawdows


Best place to touch up at a party- Restroom


Favorite way to apply Fragrance- Spray and walk through and a little on both wrist.


So very true on All's well that Blends Well -No one wants to see a person with that Horrid foundation line.


Favorite Beauty Look:

Love keeping it simple; since my sunglasses cover up my eyes, a sheer rich plum like YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in 2 Pourpre Intouchable works well for a polished look (matches my purple sunnies and goes with my tan).


How do you make it your own:

Bronzer and pink blush on the cheeks for a natural flush, PTR CC for even, flawless skin. The skincare ingredients in the CC work so well that I forgot to put it on the other day...woohoo natural beauty!


Beauty Mantra:

Less is more. Seriously. In my 20's I would have thought this idea was crazy, but high maintenance just isn't my style anymore. And no glitter or heavy shimmer shadows since I wear glasses now.


New York or LA:

New York


Spa Service:

Lomi Mohala massage at The Four Seasons Wailea (Maui), in an oceanside hut with cocoa butter


Beauty Risk I'll never take:

Black lipstick...just not flattering on my skintone


Best place to touch up:

If the lighting is good, the ladies room!


Fragrance application:

Behind the knees, wrists, neck, decolletage (and don't press your wrists together...this "crushes" the bouquet and causes your fragrance to develop too quickly...just let the fragrance dry and then you'll understand how its true personality...exception to this rule would be fragrance oils, which are designed to be pressed in to develop with the heat of your body).


True or False:

True....I had to hold back from running up to a girl with a brush and blending her bronzer for her...you're not supposed to see contouring, especially not in a large stripe!


@makeupmaven- The spa in Maui sounds too die for!

So relaxing...we did the outrigger canoe that morning, then swam in the ocean...the sound of the waves is as therapeutic as the treatment! Expensive but worth it!

My beauty look right now- Cat eyes, bold cheeks, and a bold lip Smiley Happy.


I make wearing makeup my own-By layering products for more depth.


My Beauty Mantra-Remember that makeup is an artistic medium! Occasionally I'll just play around with it at home to experiment with different looks, colors, etc.


NY or LA-I've never been to NY...so LA...for now ; ).


Spa Service of Choice-A long massage


Beauty Risk I'll never take-Completely drawn on brows.


Best place to touch up at a party-A hallway or bathroom mirror.


Favorite way to apply Fragrance- Spritzing on the wrists or forearms.


All's Well that Blends Well-Yes! Very true...that is unless you forget to prime, then you may have troubles.

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@janinebt - I'm glad you will "never" take that beauty risk.  I have no eyebrows.  I draw them on...completely.  Who knew I would be doing this one day?

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My favorite beauty look:  I don't have a "look."

How do I make it my own:  I wear what I want, not what fashion dictates.

My mantra:  Om.

NY or LA:  I haven't been to either.

Spa service of choice:  I've never been to a spa.

Beauty risk I'll never take:  Never say, "Never."

Best place to touch up at a party:  Restroom.

Favorite way to apply fragrance:  I don't wear fragrance.

All's well that blends well:  Of course.


Great answers, ladies! I should probably get in on this, huh?


Fave Beauty Look - Bright eyeliner for summer!


How do I make it my own - Well it's on me, so that makes it my own, right? Smiley Happy


My beauty mantra - It's just makeup, folks. Have fun!


NY or LA -  Well, since I'm from LA...but I do love NY for the theater.


Spa Service of choice - I do love a good massage, but I also won't turn down a facial.


Beauty risk I'll never take - Eh, I'm pretty sure I'll never get a tattoo on my neck. Is that a beauty risk? (Unless I become a badass tattoo artist like KVD, then all bets are off.)


Best place to touch up at a party - I usually just bust out my lipgloss whenever.


Favorite way to apply fragrance - wrists, then the tried and true "spray and walk" technique.


All's well that blends well - WORD.

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Favorite Beauty Look:

A bold, smudgey-cat-eye-liner look with pinkish-nude as my base & dark brown eye-shadows on my crease, bb cream, and chapstick. Sounds lazy, but it works!


How do you make it your own:
I do my make-up while listening to my favorite music. Smiley Wink


Beauty Mantra:
Winter is coming ---- I mean... There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself!


New York or LA:
New York - born and raised. Smiley Happy


Spa Service:
Does singing horrifyingly terrible in the shower count?


Beauty Risk I'll never take:
Red lipstick. I know, black hair, fair skin, & blue eyes, you'd think I'd go for the Snow White-look... but I just can't get myself to do it.


Best place to touch up:

Car mirror (passenger seat side, of course!) - before the party. Smiley Tongue


Fragrance application:
Behind the neck, collarbone areas and wrists.


True or False:
Very true! Even when you are doing a "natural" look!

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Fave Beauty Look - Bright pink/coral lip and rosy cheek


How do I make it my own? Haha, by being me? 


My beauty mantra - Every day is an occasion (to wear anything!)

NY or LA - I love the feel of NY.


Spa Service of choice - Pedicure


Beauty risk I'll never take - Never? Hmmm, not sure, I love to do stuff just because I want to see how it looks


Best place to touch up at a party - I always wear makeup that requires zero touchup to parties, but the bathroom would definitely be best.


Favorite way to apply fragrance - "The Walkthrough"


All's well that blends well- is this a question? always.

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