Weekly Beauty Challenge: What's your favorite X family?

You may have noticed that a ton of Formula X swatches just went up on The Swatch Board. We realized that 191 different color choices might be a little overwhelming (heck, even I don't know where to start), so we thought we'd help you out. It really does make all of the difference when you can see the colors on actual fingers, I think.


So for this week's Beauty Challenge, I'm asking you to pick your poison. Which Formula X color family is your favorite? And yes, this is a challenge, because there are A ALOT of swatches, and they're all pretty fab. :smileyhappy:


Show & Tell!


formulax 10.21.jpg


The New Neutrals>

The New Classics - Oranges & Pinks>

The New Classics - Reds & Purples>

The New Classics - Blues, Greens & Grays>

The Xplosives>

The Holograms, The Chromes & The Brilliants>

The Shifters, The Sparklers & The Superwatts>

The Translucents & The Transformers>

The Lusters & The Celestials>

The Electrics>

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The New Neutrals! I love the subtle shades which are great for wearing every day, and there are so many colors to choose from! :smileyhappy:

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@knadala - I love the New Neutrals! The whole time I was putting the swatches together I kept adding them to my basket, lol.

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I kept seeing the new Formula X nail polishes on the website but I was never tempted to look closer or put them on my loves list. But when I saw all the swatches, a switch flipped in my head, and I was like, yeah I have to start buying these now LOL.


I love them ALL.



I tried Celestial and Sparklebomb which have to be my very favorites. LOVE THEM and they were easy to remove without chipping nonstop during wear. :smileyhappy:



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I am all about fun top coats so I'm in love with The Xplosives & TheTransformers. 

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Is owning Sephora X - the beta version - now a collector's item? ha!


Own: Rugged, the prismatics


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@knadala - Yay! That was the point. :smileyhappy:


@DianaBT - Dude, Celestial is GORG. Look at that sparkle!


@BeautyJunkie325 - The Xplosives are super fun! I've featured a couple in past Mani Fridays.


@TrysBeautyItems - Haha yes!

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@candace - Thank you to you and your hand models for swatching all the Sephora X colors and other polishes!  How awesome!


I like the New Classics as well as The Transformers in Oh! Zone and Reactive.  I'm looking forward to my next purchase.

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Love The New Neutrals but The Holograms, The Chromes & The Brilliants and

The Shifters, The Sparklers & The Superwatts always end up in my cart too.

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