Weekly Beauty Challenge: What Would Be Your Beauty Brand?

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Two very exciting things are happening in the Sephora nail universe this week:

1. Deborah Lippmann is ALL THE WAY LIVE on Sephora.com! In case you guys missed my Mani Friday, these polishes are beautiful and very chic, so go check them out.


2. The celebrity manicurist HERSELF will be chatting live with us on BeautyTalk tomorrow from 12-1 pm PST! I have a ton of questions, but you guys get first dibs (I'm cool like that). Go here to post your Q for Deb, and she'll answer it first.


Fun fact: Did you know Deborah Lippmann is also jazz singer with a college degree in music? She started doing nails so that she could sit during the day and stand in heels all night singing (kind of brill), and all of her polishes are named after song titles.


I love learning these little tidbits about our brand founders, which gave me the idea for this week's Beauty Challenge: If you created your own beauty brand, what products would you specialize in, and who / what would you name them after?


Show & Tell!


Learn more about Deborah Lippmann The Sephora Glossy> http://seph.me/1cUNqel 


Whoohoo, thanks for posting this Candace! I just posted my question for Deborah!


If I created a beauty brand, as fun as cosmetics would be (and getting to name all the shades), I would probably choose to focus on skin care just because I still think skin care is highly underrated in the beauty world. Sure it might not be as colorful and flashy as lipsticks, eye shadows, blush, or nail polish, but having good skin makes taking on make up so much easier!


You know me, I'm an ingredient junkie, so I would ensure that any product I'd come up with is backed with efficient and effective ingredients. I would like the products I create to deliver results because they're backed with the right formulas and not sell just for the sake of being trendy or catchy.

The part of my everyday makeup routine that I spend the most time on is evening out my skin. I think I would want to at least start out focusing on products that will help you achieve that "flawless face" look such as foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and blush (all without chemical preservatives of course). I would love to have Blake Lively as a muse! We could even name the brand Lively Smiley Wink She's fun, always has that sexy-beachy, not too much hassle kind of look, but looks pulled together at the same time. 



If I created my own cosmetics brand I would have products for every place on the face, foundations and powders, eye shadows, liners and mascaras, lipsticks and glosses and blushes and bronzers.  I would however focus on the different ends of the colour spectrum.  As someone with very fair skin, and quit a few very dark skinned friends I know how hard it is to find products that work with our skin tones.  So my brand would cater to those of us with not a lot of options.  It would also have to be 100% cruelty free and as many vegan products as possible.  I would probably call it something like night/day or dawn and dusk. 

I don't think I would be as interested in creating my own line as I would be in helping my friend Monica to market her natural skincare/ aromatherapy line. She makes wonderful products, but since she distills everything herself/ formulates in her small lab at home, she'd never produce products on the scale that we'd need to sell at Sephora (or enough for any major retailer). And she's mainly interested in getting people into aromatherapy...I know we'd geek out and I could provide my input to create products, but she's also really into custom products which is nice. These products are about as natural as they come, and the whole process of coming up with products using natural ingredients/ essential oils and carrier oils is super fun.

I would have a Skincare line. I'm extremely interested in skincare and take as best care of my skin as i can. I would love my products to be Cruelty free, Natural, and reasonably priced. I think that's the reason so many people skimp on their Skincare, it's because it's really expensive finding products that work. 

Cute ideas! I think my line would be nail polish, obvs. Smiley Happy And I'd want to name them after something nerdy, like elements on the periodic table, lol.

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@candacebt, that would be seriously awesome! Smiley Happy

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@candacebt obvs!

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@ Candace, I think that would be a really fun and nifty idea!

I am obsessed with perfume, so I'd love to create a line in honor of Mythological goddesses and heroines. I would make an Aphrodite scent that was ridiculously sexy and aquatic, Athena would smell like cinnamon and cypress, and so on. 

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@LCResz - That sounds awesome! I love mythology, I think it would be a great idea for a fragrance line. And you could do one for men with Hercules and Zeus. Smiley Happy

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If I had my own makeup line, it would probably be inspired by my favorite things besides makeup. Chandeliers, traveling, nick nacks, and my friends. It would be a more high end line (probably around the price point of Urban Decay and Benefit). I would have all sorts of amazing foundations and eyeshadows and liners. Aah, i'm just drooling over the idea! maybe someday...

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I think if I had a line it'd be for lipstick and I would want to name each of the shades after famous artists OR maybe just have collections based on different artists; then name the products after well known works or prominent happenings from their lives.

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