Weekly Beauty Challenge: Vday Beauty look

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Not gonna lie, these days I feel like hating on Valentine's Day is more popular than the day itself. Now I might not be a raving fan of the holiday industrial complex, but I'll take any excuse to bust out a hot red mani and a sexy lip!


So for this week's Beauty Challenge, I want to know, what will your Vday look be? Whether it's special hair, a sultry smokey eye, or sexy lips and nails (or the Boscia Black Mask you'll be relaxing in with a glass of wine and your DVR), let us know or post a pic. I'll post my faves on Friday.


Show & Tell!

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I most likely wont be doing anything since my husband has to work from 8 am - 10:30 pm :/ Soooo yea Smiley Sad

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@MsStacey1990 - I think that's an excellent excuse to give yourself a mani. Smiley Happy

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I won't be doing anything either...husband is flying out to NY on Friday morning to attend his grandma's funeral.  So if anything, we might go out to dinner Thursday night, but not too likely.

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I spending my night with a bottle of red wine, box of dark chocolates and netflix so I probably won't be getting dolled up for my laptop Smiley Tongue

I will be going to dinner with my bf, nothing fancy but I still want to dress cute.


I'll be wearing:




with black booties


with either NARS Cruella




or NYX Chaos lipstick




and some sort of metallic nail, either gold or silver or a mix of those with black!


EDIT: I want all of you to know how ridiculous my outfit/makeup choices are by the way... I'm going to a fried chicken place, albeit a really good one that is a bit trendy, but I'm still going to be eating fried chicken with red lipstick, a dress, and a plastic glove on one hand. My bf will be wearing a tie ahahahaha.

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the couch. eating pizza.

@malday - Cute! I support red lips for fried chicken. Post a pic for the night!


For everyone staying in - am I the only one that does looks on myself and takes selfies when I have nothing else going on? Really? I am? Okay. *sneaksaway*

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I may be spending Valentine's Day with my TV boyfriend, Dean Winchester. He's seen me without makeup before, so I feel no reason to get dolled up. I will most likely be wearing fuzzy Hello Kitty pajamas or gym clothes (gotta look good for my man!). If I'm feeling a bit depressed that all of my friends have boyfriends who take them to dinner (Dean is not the romantic type), I may throw on some makeup. If I do, it will be: Lots of mascara, winged liner, pink blush, and a pinky or reddish lip. Smiley Wink

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I will be wearing black eyeliner with theyre real! mascara and my new cranberry joy red tinted lip balm from the body shop Smiley Happy

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Urban Decay burnout Eyeshadow (all over lid) from naked 3 palette
Urban Decay Dust Eyeshadow at corner of eyes From naked 3 palette
Urban Decay Limit eyeshadow used as top lid eyeliner from naked 3 palette
Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in perversion thin line on bottom lid
Benefit Cosemetics: They’re real on both bottom & top lashes
Benefit cosemetics - Browzings in light
Benefit Cosemetics - Fakeup
Benefit Stay don’t stray eyeshadow primer
Benefit Dandelion Blush
Benefit High Beam Illuminator
Benefit Posie-tint cheek stain
Benefit Cosemetics - I’m Pure for sure, ivory foundation
Buxom FUll -on Lip polish In dolly
Tokyomilk Dark - Tainted Love Perfume

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I'm going to a fried chicken place, albeit a really good one that is a bit trendy, but I'm still going to be eating friend chicken



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Good Morning, love that little black dress does anyone know where I can get it?


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