Weekly Beauty Challenge: Show off your NYE look!

Happy *almost* New Year, BeautyTalkers! Who's getting dolled up (or dolled down) tomorrow night? I want to see your looks!


Show & Tell! 


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I will def be pulling out all my makeup for a hip, edgy look!! I will have a colorful, playful look tomorrow evening, because that's what going out on New Years Eve is all about, right?!  I will share my pics tomorrow when I'm done getting ready for sure! Smiley Happy



Even though I'm late in the game, the image on the left are my Christmas nails. The charcoal does have quite a cooler, almost purple tone to it in photos, but I topped my tips off with a color changing purple glitter polish and some blue glitter.


For NYE/NY, I'm rocking the nails to the right. It's an OPI glitter from their Burlesque collection, which reminds me of the glitter on my favorite pair of Christian Louboutin heels and I added some loose, reflective silver glitter flake. Topped it off with generous goats of gel polish to seal the flakes in so the edges weren't raw or sticking out. Glitter explosion!!!!!

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