Weekly Beauty Challenge: Show off your Halloween look!

This week's beauty challenge is pretty self-explanatory: Post a pic of your Halloween beauty look!

(I'll post mine if you post yours.) :smileyhappy:


Show & Tell!


halloween 10.28.jpg


Still need inspiration? Check out our Halloween Pinterest board> http://www.pinterest.com/sephora/halloween




I'm planning on doing somthing like this for Halloween!

It's not too much but still has a bit of spook :smileyvery-happy:

This is a rough draft of sorts so it's a bit messy. 

gotta get a pic in the full outfit...leopard platform booties (was going to do tights but since I'm tan the color of my legs works well with this look..brr I might get cold but at least my wig will keep me warm), black romper and crochet long vesty thing (not really a vest but not a dress either).


One of the reviews I read for this wig said they didn't want to take it off/ would put it on whenever they wanted to feel fabulous. Especially as a short-haired woman who could pull off this hair color, I feel the same way!


Not my final makeup, but going to skip my glasses for a night (I can see, just not super well) and keep the makeup natural.


Photo on 10-28-13 at 6.15 PM #3.jpg

i will post on Thursday night :smileyhappy: I am going as a beauty and fashion disaster (year number 4!!) hehe its always fun to do your makeup terrible for once :smileyvery-happy:

Not dressing up today, but here's my pic from Friday night's murder mystery party.  We were assigned a character, plus each character was assigned a costume.  So my character was a bad-mannered, bluntly honest, trash-talking pro wrestler (I can't even begin to tell you how fun it was to play such a character!), and my assigned costume was Cleopatra.  And can I just throw in there that this was my very first ever attempt at false eyelashes...


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