Weekly Beauty Challenge: Show Off Your Vanity!

If you're a sucker for packaging like I am, you will understand me when I say that it's a shame to buy a beautifully packaged lipstick or blush, only to have to hide it away in a makeup drawer when you get home. I, for one, am forced to do so (fie on my tiny bathroom), but I would love to be able to keep my more gorgeous products on display!


So for this week's Beauty Challenge, let's share pics of our vanities and the pretty products we love. What products do you keep on your vanity and how do you set them up? We want to see! Yes, it will give me vanity envy, but it's worth it.


Show & Tell! 


MJB_vanity 9.16.jpg




Ohh good post! I can't wait to see what everyone ends up sharing.

Love love the Guerlain.

I live by "a place for everything and everything in its place."  I don't like having anything out.  I want a neat, clean space.

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I looove seeing peoples vanities! 

I have lots of drawers and shelves, but I like to keep my daily products right on top and it comes in handy for days that I am in a hurry. I love that all my palettes fit right under the glass top.


@candace -- ok, whoever's vanity that is, I WANT IT!!!!!  all those gorgeous meteorites and MJ stuff....it's too beautiful *sob*



I've just recently finished my vanity and I am in love. I hate clutter, thanks to my OCD, so I decided to use an old costume apron to hold my brushes. 

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Have Mercy!! This is amazing - great idea for a thread and amazing pics, I have a feeling that many of you could find work, through this thread, if you wanted it. I can't really say what's on my vanity, haven't actually seen it in quite a while and you don't Even want to know what my closets look like. I'm truly amazed and have to say ,"I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!" (from the movie Wayne's World, might be before some of your frames of reference) feel old not. Unorganized and old Smiley Sad Ice Cream Therapy please. Smiley Wink

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my vanity has lots or drawers that  are filled with back ups and samples..but I also have a beautiful train case on top with all my "necessary"makeup in it..of course its so full I cant close it..i have a 3 way mirror on it that I hang all my costume necklaces from so I can keep track of what I have...I love to sitt there and play with everything..my husband calls it the princess room..

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I am hoping this challenge will inspire me to neaten up my make up area (recently suffering from a deluge of samples)!  Then take a pic and share it.


I LOVE kiki's clear-glass-top vanity, that is on my wish list for my dream space, so I can see what's right below in the drawer/shelf.   I would also like to have my own make up room/closet.  Right now I fight with the BF about not coming in when I have the door to our (small) bathroom closed, if I am putting on make-up to get ready for a party, etc. Smiley Wink  I would love to have my own dressing room, and I'm looking at making a dressing table space in our second bathroom (standing room only but I can stand!), or in the guest room.


Hope to share my newly tidied make up spot this week.

lol I WISH I had a vanity.....or at the very least, a EDIVA but here's what I got (and yes, I do love it Smiley Very Happy)



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hehe I just realized that I need to update my picture of my box, because now its jampacked full of goodies!

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Pretty pretty pretty! I love peeking in everyone's stashes. Smiley Happy 

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I have a gorgeous antique vanity, but its in serious need of an organizational overhaul and a good clean/polish. Love seeing everyone's stuff, making me want to get to work on mine. LOL

It's still a work in progress. I just bought everything from Ikea on Saturday, built it on Sunday & am still organizing it.
Now I'm on a hunt for a pretty framed mirror and patterned ottoman to make it not look so Ikea-ish. I also have a few more brushes to be put away.
This isn't permanent, but it was a cheap fix for my vanity dilemma.

vanity 1.jpg


vanity 2.jpg



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