Weekly Beauty Challenge: Share your favorite PRO Tip

Magazines, YouTube, beauty blogs, coworkers...when it comes to searching for beauty tips, I leave no (pumice) stone left unturned.


And now I turn to you, BeautyTalkers, because you can never have too much knowledge, especially when it comes to beauty.


Have you ever learned a PRO Tip that changed your (beauty) life? Show & Tell!


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Hmm a Life changing tip.... Alot of thing i'm not sure where i learned it from but always did it. But one thing i was doing wrong was setting powder. I learned this from two videos actually. One was Wayne Goss MUA and he said you should use a powder puff and press into your skin with setting powder so you don't disturb the foundation you just spent all that time making perfect. And then i watched a Sephora video on the Ipad app about if your using a brush for setting powder you should roll it on to your skin so it also doesn't mess up your foundation!! Those were just life changing cause i would always mess up my foundation slightly while setting it. And now it's always perfect and i never have a problem with it not lasting. 

My all time favorite beauty tip is sleeping in a deep conditioner! Most deep conditioners suggest leaving them on for 45 minutes...but if you're busy like me and don't really have the time to take a second shower just sleep in the mask. I'll wake up with super soft refreshed hair that glistens. I just rinse my tresses in the morning. Just make sure to sleep with a towel over your pillow!

Agreed on your tip arielaaaaaaaa, I remember that one from a Laura Mercier training. She said that using a brush to apply setting powder is sort of a "me so pretty" moment that we all get used to, but it isn't the right way to set for a long-wearing/ matte finish.


However, all I really want to do is set (just a little) if I'm using a setting powder, and I apply so little of my PTR CC that I'm not worried about this. Whether I'm using the MUFE HD Powder or LM's Translucent Setting Powder (which I'm starting to fall in love with again), I still use a brush. But if I was doing makeup for a shoot (or was in a really humid climate), I'd definitely go back to the puff and the "press and roll" application. Nice too with that method that you can just take your puff with you in a ziplock bag for touch-ups, since a little powder will stay on the puff. Either way, both applications require just a very small touch of powder.


I was thinking about this one today-- I forget where I heard it, but I love the tip of not applying foundation to your forehead (unless you actually need to for coverage). It just doesn't look natural, the face is often a different shade here (and may be less balanced than the rest of the face). So yeah, I mainly apply my CC to my cheeks to cover redness, and then blend out. Never the forehead.

Putting concealer on AFTER foundation. I guess so many people think we need to cover everything up first, then apply foundation. Since our skin changes daily, and concealer should match your complexion, sometimes we don't need as much as we think. 

There are so many times I think I need to put on concealer everywhere, but after I apply my foundation I find I don't even need any. 

I hate watching youtube videos of girls slathering it on like it's primer. It ends up looking cakey & too much product pilled on. 

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I'm not sure if this counts, but mixing mascara. I sometimes use a volumizing mascara THEN a lengthening one... it makes a big difference!

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Agree with you @dannyc! Before I started learning more about makeup, I would put concealer on before, but I don't really need it unless I'm trying to cover a blemish and would get so frustrated that the concealer would move when I put the foundation on afterwards. What would I do without Youtube? I think it was a recent video that Wayne Goss made a point to say: If you don't need concealer, don't use it!

I am a pale girl, and bronzers and contour powders always looked artificial on me, that is - until I learned to use a powder foundation 2-3 shades darker than my skin tone, in lieu of bronzing powder. Now I get a truly natural looking glow and/or contour, without it looking fake or orange.



Put on eye makeup before foundation to make it easier to remove eyeshadow fallout - I got this tip from a SA at my local Sephora and it made things so much easier.. Also, tilt your head back when applying the crease shade so it gets on the underside of the browbone.

Love these, vanillaamm you are definitely helping pale girls out! And spacesuit, that's totally a must, especially for a dramatic eye!


I forgot my other recent fave. Not makeup-related, but I've been dry brushing (brushing dry skin with a natural bristle brush before showering) every morning and I've seen in a big difference. Very invigorating and will help me to feel more confident in a bikini in Thailand soon. Yay lymphatic drainage!

These are great tips ladies!


@makeupmaven - Pretty sure that's the first time I've ever heard the phrase "Yay lymphatic drainage!". Oh how I love BeautyTalk Smiley Happy 

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My favorite tip is putting on my primer with a flat foundation brush.  I don't use half as much as I did when I put it on with my fingers.

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I agree with the layering mascara comment, I use a lengthening one first, then a volumizing one. Other comments that I have learned from are to use more eyeliner and mascara than you think (I used to apply them fairly lightly and they weren't doing anything for me, expecially since I wear glasses that make my eyes appear smaller than they really are), always do your brows and don't overpluck them, use a brush or sponge to apply foundation and swirl in opposite directions to minimize pores, press setting powder into the skin instead of brushing it on so you don't mess up your makeup, clean your brushes often and always do your skincare routine!

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One of my favorite tips for hair is using your dry shampoo at night before you go to bed. Spray it in at the roots all around your crown, rub your fingers through a few times to disperse it, and then go to bed. Wake up in the morning to lovely hair with the freshly washed feel and zero powdery residue to brush out. (Batiste tropical is my all time favorite)

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@candacebt this is what happens when you mix beauty junkie w/ wellness junkie!

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My little sister is fond of beauty blogs. I will tell her to visit here.

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