Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rocker Eyeliner

I love music just as much as I love makeup. Sadly, I don’t have a musical bone in my body (proven by a borderline disastrous attempt with the violin in the 7th grade). But I’m okay with the fact that sporting a rocker-inspired makeup look is the closest I’ll ever get to my dreams of musical greatness.


For this week’s Beauty Challenge, recreate one of the liner looks below, or show off your own rocker inspired liner look with your favorite pencil, pen, cream or gel.


Eyeliner 4.29_st.jpg


Do you prefer the more classic rock look from the ‘50s, the grunge rock ‘90s, or the dramatic rocker-chic liner of the ‘00s?


Show & Tell in the comments!


Learn how to get these liner looks on The Sephora Glossy> http://seph.me/Yhl07v

Shop Ardency Inn Punker Liner> http://seph.me/12d5tBD




70's all the way! Using the Smokey Design Dior 5-Colour:





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ooh!  i was JUST slacking off from work to play with eyeliner! (working from home today)

I did a big cat-eye with the sephora + pantone emerald green eyeliner that was a 100pt pk and lined the bottom of that with my MICA black gel liner.  

@makeupmaven - Ooh love it! You've definitely got the attitude to rock it, too Smiley Happy


@drrragon - You know I'm just going to ask you to post a pic, right? Smiley Wink

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@candace - yes ma'am!  trying to get my stupid phone to email it to me right now, lol.



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Beautiful @drrragon!


Thanks Candace, I swear by those Dior 5-Colour palettes and that smokey eye will never go out of style!

@drrragon - Awesome! Your cat eye is perf!

I guess, according to the picture-timeline, 50s for me!


contacts 720130429_143236.jpg

121011-170733.jpgHere is my everday Captivating Winged Cat Eye. All Beauty products from Sephora.



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@candyfox -- wow those green eyes look so cool!

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 I think my favorite is the 80's, I've always kind of had a soft spot for a lot of those terrible fashions, particularly if they're showcased in moderation. I tend to go with a less smudgy 90's though.

4.jpgHere is my eye look (90s) makeup

I'm LOVING today's show and tell.


My usual go-to liner look is a mix between 50s and 00s.


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According to that chart, I'm totally a 60s girl!

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So pretty, you guys! We have some serious eyeliner mavens in the community!

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I like the 50's pic Smiley Very Happy


I don't really do a winged thing with my liner, I just thinly line the top lashline. The last few days I've actually only been putting liner and mascara on my eyes....taking a break from all that primer and shadows and going back to basics.

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