Weekly Beauty Challenge: Recipe X

I know, I know, I don't need to keep saying it, but if you haven't checked out the new Formula X for Sephora nail polishes, well...you really should.


Since there are a TON of different colors and effects (191, to be exact), I thought for this week's Beauty Challenge we'd help some sisters out. What Formula X colors would you combine to create an awesome nail look? Show & Tell!


recipes 10.14.jpg


See more Graffiti looks> http://seph.me/1alL9Ca


How AMAZING would it be if Sephora created an online mix and match tool for Formula X? I would play with it all day!

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Xplosives in Bombshells over New Classics Enigma! XD Retro-tastic goodness.

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Transformers Hyperactive over French manicure of New Classics Orbit with Dark Matter tips.

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That is such a great idea lilyyy! It's a little cumbersome to try and look up the two combos people come up with and then try to picture what others envisioned. It'll be so much easier to be able to see what the end result is of the mixing-and-matching... then go check the colors out and get obsessed about wanting to own not just one, but two Formula X nail lacquers!

Lilyyy - That is a great idea! Which we may or may not be working on Smiley Happy


But I love hearing what combos people are coming up with!

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