Weekly Beauty Challenge: Name Your Look

Among the many fun and personal touches that Marc Jacobs added to his beauty collaboration with Sephora, one of the touches I particularly love is how he named all of his Eye-Conic Palettes after an iconic beauty look that he loves, and then included corresponding colors in the collection to get that look. I think that it speaks to his philosophy that beauty is supposed to be fun and aspirational, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure.


So for this week's Beauty Challenge, let's sound off: If you had to name your signature beauty look, what would you call it? I'm super excited about your responses, btw. I think this is going to be a fun one. Show & Tell!




The pants-on-head-crazy? LOL Seriously though probably The Glamabilly, because I just love the crazy bright, ridiculous colors but my sense of style is a bit off the main stream and I don't really care, like that crazy red neck relative we all have that always shows up to the family functions without shoes. Smiley Very Happy

I'd probably be the classic. I pretty much have my daily look down to a science: cat eyes, bright lipstick, and a coordinating blush. It works with every outfit and I can get it done in about 15 minutes. I don't usually wear shadow unless I'm going out for the evening or have some sort of special event.

Mine would be The Goth or maybe the Goth Rocker. Pretty obvious...


I like "pants-on-head-crazy" though...that's awesome. I wanna see a drawing for that! lol

I am just happy to have graduated from "The Racoon" which was my signature look in high school. XD It just took years of growing up, hours of practice and countless YouTube videos...

Hmmm, I like to change it up, but I'd go with Clean, Natural Girly as my descriptors

I feel sort of boring, was just going through my makeup and realizing that all of my bright shades no longer appeal to me, at all. On a daily basis I'd say the "Skin is the Star" since my makeup is very simple and all about showing off healthy, radiant skin. When I do my makeup I'd say "Simple Smokey" since a standard smokey eye works super well with my features/ eye shape. And since I wear glasses now and my photo on here is old, a woman I work with saw it and was like "who is that?" so if I was done up and w/out glasses "Who Is That?" is probably accurate.

Some days I'd definitely be "The Hot Mess"  or the "4-year old playing with her mom's makeup" but generally, when everything goes right, I think my look is pretty classic.

I think my look is understated (I was going to call it The Wallflower).  I stay away from bright, bold colors.  Although I do like dark lipstick and coral or raspberry blush.  My eyes are usually neutral or shades of purple or plum.

^^^ "The Hot Mess" literally made me LOL!  Smiley Happy 


I USED to be "the vamp" with really heavy eye makeup and lashes and nude lips but lately I've gone to "The Boring" with just mascara and lipgloss. I tried to spice it up today and wore bright red lipstick and put on eyeliner! 


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I just thought of a good one, "The No-Makeup (look) Maven".

The Silenced Glamour 

My looks aren't so so dramatic but they're definitely a hint of glamour and classic. 

"Vampy Siren." Bold, and alluring.

Bold but Beautiful- In translation of Marc Jacobs words I would be the Mod Look.

"small child playing with Mom's makeup" is how I feel every time I try any look that isn't extremely subtle / neutral Smiley Wink We all have to start somewhere though!

I'm pretty into highlighting my natural beauty/best features, and a subtle daily look (though I have no problem with more make up for fun -- and love to play around to get the BEST natural look with the highest quality make up, great ingredients, and amazing finishes).  


Recently took to some flattering highlighting and contouring.  I want to look polished, with great glowing skin, highlighted eyes (long lashes), and natural but healthy lips -- or occasionally, a bright lip or simple mod cat eye.


What to call it?  


"Polished Soft Focus" ?! on a daily basis.


"Flattering Simple Date-Night Mod" for a special evening? hehe

P.S. I asked my long-suffering and indulgent partner and he said my look was "Natural Glowing with polished lip."

I'm actually kind of redefining it but for go-to makeup, huge smokey eye with some sort of color rather than a neutral or the classic red lip, black liner clean look.


I'm actually pretty romantic when it comes to my makeup looks. Semi-matte skin, fuller brows, soft brown smoky eyes, rosy cheeks and lips. While I do like to change things up, this is usually my favorite

Between Little Pretty and The Mod depending on what mood Im in Smiley Happy

Ha, these are great ladies! I knew this one would be fun. My beauty motto is always more like "be low key, but look like you have some sense (and that you work for Sephora), but I don't know what I would call that. Smiley Happy 

How about "Model Employee"?

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@warriorwitch - ooh I like that!

@candace-How about Sephora Sophisticate? Smiley Tongue

@beautylovingirl - Would that require me to be sophisticated? Sounds like a lot of work. Smiley Wink

I used to wear the Mod look, but I have toned it down to (Zzzzz Zzzzzz) Boring Neutrals.  I know it's a classy look, but people would think I'm over-the-top if I put on too much color. I do like to play up the lip and I will really love to pull out the stops come Halloween!  However, most days I wear the "Whatever-Can-Get-Slapped-On" look.

Id have to say 'The California Girl' Coral, pinks bronzers, shimmery highlighter etc!

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Growing up down south I'd say Southern Sassy - classic colors with a fun and flirty edge.

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Modernized Pin up! With simple eyeshadow colors I can wear it with jeans and Converse, but with a steady hand, false lashes and bolder shadows it becomes an edgier/dressed up look! Fun and laid back or diva-ish - either way it's gotta have the liquid liner cateye, well groomed and defined brows, bronzer, and defined/full lip!

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