Weekly Beauty Challenge: Holiday De-Stressers

The holidays are my favorite time of the year, but not gonna lie, after attending the 6th party / dinner / white elephant gift swap in as many days, I start yearning for a Boscia Black Mask, my PJs and my DVR. I can't be alone in this.


So for this week's Challenge, I want to know: What do you do to de-stress? It doesn't have to be beauty related, but since this is BeautyTalk, I'd love to know what products, if any, you use to relax.


Show & Tell!


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Yoga! Morning is great (the routine I do is a little longer/ more strength training w/ planking, plus so nice to see the sunshine w/ sun salutation). Nighttime if I don't do it in the day (super relaxing to help me sleep). Acupuncture weekly also.


When I get home at night, Eve Lom's cleansing ritual is fantastic (plus nice to get my makeup off right away and not have to worry about it later). I haven't had a single blemish since I've been using her cleanser (not that I really break out normally), and my pores are clearer. Soaking my feet too.


Lots of other little things, need to meditate more. Listen to music all day at work...not that it's relaxing, but it's fun/ makes my day happier to dance around at my standing desk listening to excellent music. Listening to Tensnake's new Boiler Room mix on youtube now, Daedelus' Boiler Room sets are also amazing.



And perfect timing too, your post reminded me of the Sephora eye mask I brought, must go dig that up for my nap.....

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Plus washing my face with my Clarisonic...awesome investment!

I give myself a mini-spa night at home. I take a hot bath with a bath bomb, use a body scrub on myself, and face mask, and listen to some calming music for a while.

Either a warm bath with stress relief bubble bath and candles or a nice hot shower.  Then a face mask, glass of wine and a cheesy holiday movie.  

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1. Watching Netflix in bed

2. Surrounded by plenty of snacks

3. With a GlamGlow mud mask on Smiley Happy

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I love Steaming my face, Putting on a mask, and watching Netflix! 

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I love a mini-spa night...washing my face, putting on a mask (either Origins Charcoal Mask or Origins Out of Trouble Mask), then using some soothing products afterwards.  Depending on how much time I have and how ambitious I feel, I'll give myself a pedicure and manicure as well.  Sometimes, if I'm truly beat, I'll just take a hot shower and then veg on the couch in my PJs.  Basically, during this time of year, anything I can do by myself without having to be dressed up or socializing is relaxing to me.  Smiley Happy

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I love to give my skin some extra pampering and use treatments that I dont always have time for ( scrub, mask etc) then use a good thick cream for my dry sensitive winter skin. I'm very very loyal to my night cream ( l'oocitane ultra rich face cream----I'm sad that I can no longer get it at my local free standing Sephora but Sephora.com has it) and have been through several jars. I also use it in the am if its really cold outside (like now) to protect my skin against the harsh environment.


I also really love origins for their skincare and especially love their face masks, never a dull moment cleanser and scrub. Smiley Very Happy

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I love a nice, long, hot bath! Nothing beats a good soak on a cold day. Smiley Happy

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And go for walks to look at lights/decorations. There are streets in my area where all of the neighbors go all out.

Peppermint mochas are great too.

Yay for the pretty Bosica Konjac sponge in the picture! Smiley Very Happy

But....in response to the actual question:

I usually run a hot bath, shave, soak, slather on some lotion, apply a face mask, use some relaxing essential oils, give myself a mani/pedi, curl up in some pjs and watch a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory.

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I love to use my Clarisonic and then put a green tea mask on both my face and shoulders.  It is cooling and relaxing.  

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Hands down - riding my horse and taking my dog to the dog park. Pretty sure it is physically impossible to leave those places in a bad mood and stressed. 


Beauty related - A warm bubble bath with some candles and a book or Netflix binge. Going to the spa is also FANTASTIC! Whether it is from a professional or not, a massage just feels good. And Lastly, doing my nails is always a good holiday pick me up. 

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I curl up with my cats while reading/knitting/Netflix-ing and later put on a mask. 

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Honestly the scent of lavender is so relaxing to me....i lay in my tub with lavender scented candles, lights dimmed, some john mayer on pandora, and soak in a lavender bath. Oh, and of course a glass of wine!

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Bubble bath (usually with bath and body works stress relief line, anthropology bubble bath, or philosophy bubble bath----looking to invest in the fresh bubble bath too), with tea (my favorite right now is strawberry rose champagne mixed with peach tranquility- both from teavana, its delicious and calming), while watching sex and the city.


This has been happening often because of finals at University.... had 4 in two days, and one left tomorrow! Then I can relax for real and go to my regular yoga classes!

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Definitely the dog park and doggy play dates either at my house or a friend's house. I have an awesome social group/friends I've met at the dog park. Watching the dogs run and play takes your mind of yourself and anything else. It gets us out of the house and into the fresh air. I can't even say the P word unless we're going there. I have to spell is out P A R K. 

Yoga, Yoga and MORE Yoga! I'm in Yoga Teacher Training because Yoga,  many types of yoga,  help keep you grounded,  and a little more sane during this hectic time of year! If anyone else is like me,  my entire year is hectic from beginning to end! 

Namaste :-) 

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