Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

Have you seen our new Garden Party board on Pinterest? I’m pretty much living for it; such pretty blooms!


It got me thinking—this month we are using the garden theme to inspire a fresh take on fragrance, but what about beauty? With all of the weddings, graduations and (literal) garden parties that happen during the spring, I’m sure we could all use a little beauty inspiration.


So for this week’s Beauty Challenge, let’s get inspired by spring blossoms. Create an eye, lip, nail (or hair!) look based on your favorite florals, or just take a picture of your favorite flower and Show & Tell in the comments!


What’s your favorite flower?


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Roses are my favorite I have them in my back yard and it smells so good when their blooming.

@beautylovingirl - After I posted this, I started thinking about my favorite flower, and I don't know! I love roses, but I also love tulips, and orchids, and all kinds of tropical flowers...I'm going to have to think about this some more.

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Irises are my favorite...  My mom used to grow them in the front yard...

@candacebt- We have these red ,white, and pink roses on one certain bush that the colors are all swirled together and they are just beautiful to look at and smell soooo good. I like the others you mentioned as well, just not as much as roses. It is hard though especially the tropical having all those bright colors!

I love Sunflowers. They are so simple and pretty. 


And Orange Roses. They are beautiful.


gerbera_daisy_closeup_1024x_768__jpg_Wallpaper_exx38.jpgMy favorite flower of all time is the classic gerbera daisy. They just make me happy. My boyfriend gets me them every time he gets flowers. I love that they come in so many colors, so every time he gets them they look different Smiley Happy

pink peonyI really love a perfectly pink peony!  I adore all makeup that is this hue, especially lip sticks/glosses.

So pretty, ladies! I love that everyone has such a specific flower too: orange roses, pink peonies, gerbera daisies...this is great inspiration!

I'm a rose girl, myself.  My parents used to have a beautiful rose garden (50+ plants) when I was growing up and summers meant fresh roses in every room.

oh WOW i love having a thread full of beautiful flower pictures!  so pretty to look at!


no idea what my favorite might be.  I love cherry blossoms in the spring and gardenias in summer!


I found this picture of a Rose i picked from my Moms Rose bush. 


I thought it was pretty!!

@starletta8- I love fresh roses too I usually cut the ones from outside and put them on our dining room table..

Just think ladies we could put all our flowers in one display vase and it would be stunning (BIG) but stunning!Smiley Happy

1. Calla lily: minimalism beauty at it's best. You don't need all those loud colors and complicated stuff to be beautiful. I love the simplicity and clean line.

2. Tulips: they are chubby, they are cute, and they also look funny after a strong wind blow away their petals, just bunch of green sticks leaning to one side, lol.

3. Sunflowers: they are tall and have a big face (like me! =D) and they look so optimistic (and are useful for more than just looks, sunflower seeds).


I'm attracted to curves and round things. o.o


I like white daisies.

+1 for Calla Lilies and White Daisies!


@arielaaaaaa - that came from your mother's garden? Gorg!

Oh, and tulips! I love tulips! (I think I already said that, but I really do. They're just so cheerful Smiley Happy)

@candacebt, Yes it did, I saw it and was oh my i have to have it!! And i took a picture and put a filter on it with Instagram.

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You all have great taste in flowers! After the May snow a few days ago, I'm looking even more forward to taking blossoms off the perennial plants in my cutting garden.


I love all callas, but I think my favorite is the giant yellow calla. Oh, and I also love the foliage on callas!


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Love love love orchids and lotus flowers!

Okay, How beautiful is this picture, I found it while looking at flower pictures!!!

flower makeup.jpg

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I can't just pick one fave! Lol

 1. Cherry blossoms

2. sunflower

3. white orchids

4. lilac

5. jasmine

6. roses



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It's hard for me to just pick ONE flower that is my absolute favorite. But if I were to get an arrangement from my boyfriend, family member, or close friend they'd know to get me either:




Lilac colored roses (a really powdery purple color)

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White roses are my favorite flowers Smiley Very Happy


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I'm loving all of the pretty photos in this thread!  Also +1 for white flowers (any kind, really - orchids, roses, calla lilies) and different colored roses!

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I'm a May Baby so naturally I'm obsessed with Lily Of The Valley. My boyfriend hates me right now cause I won't let him trim the grass where they are overgrowing until I snip them. 


I redid my nails last night and decided to go for color since it's getting warmer outside. I used Butter London's Primrose Hill Pink and Orly's Here Comes Trouble at the tips. My nails ended up turning out to look like watermelons or strawberries! Yum!

@lylysa - sooo cute (and floral inspired)! And great minds think alike, I was totally going to do glitter tips on my nails today!

Just looking at this thread makes me happy with all the bright beautiful colors!

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What color, Candace??? Smiley Very Happy

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)th[2].jpgth[2].jpgthCA1HR33J.jpgthCA8GR1FV.jpgth[10].jpgthCAOMN8NB.jpgthCARYR6CV.jpgNeeded to change this wording up I didn't get these flowers for a haul I meant just did a haul of pictures for all these beautiful flowers!

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I like the jade vines

@lylysa - Hmm...you'll just have to wait until Mani Friday to see! Smiley Wink


@beautylovingirl - Love your flower haul!

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@candacebt- I just couldn't help myself I love how pretty all these flowers make this post more beautiful to look at. (hehe)

@beautylovingirl - I agree, this thread makes me smile!  I also love your haul; it reminded me how much I like pansies!

My favorite flower is definitely hydrangea (blue), followed by wisteria...but I love flowers in general!




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