Weekly Beauty Challenge: Everyday Luxe

A bright rosy flush a the office. A lush red lip on date night. A gold bangle with with a matching metallic mani at brunch. For this week's Beauty Challenge, I want to know:


Whether it's beauty, jewels, or your favorite signature scent (or something else all together!): How do you luxe up everyday moments?


Show & Tell!


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On days like today (ohh daylight savings, how you torture me....), I luxe it up with my YSL Lippie & my designer shades.  I recently found a fab new pair of Michael Kors cat-eyed sunnies in a pinkish-purple that make me feel like I'm way cooler than I actually am Smiley Very Happy

Hahahaha..that's what sunnies are for, right? (And what I use mine for as well, and also to hide on days when I'm not wearing concealer.) 

I break out the fabulous blue Tory Burch sunglasses I got on a girls shopping trip.

I love designer handbags (I am a life-long handbag fanatic), shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and clothing. I often just choose one particular piece and wear it with other pieces that are a bit more casual to give my look a little "bump".


I am also a fragrance junkie, and love Clive Christian perfumes, the Hermes Hermessence line of fragrances, and the Chanel Boutique fragrances. They make me feel pampered.



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Ooooh tough one.. I'd have to say lots of rings on my fingers, lots of mascara, and perfume. Today's choice is Escada Cherry in the Air perfume and Dolce & Gabbana Passion Eyes mascara. Definitely helps on those days you need an extra boost Smiley Happy 

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I abuse a Guerlain Rogue G. Apparently now I have to have a special occasion lipstick because... well it doesn't feel so special anymore. Smiley Sad So I think I have Madame Reve (or was it Madame Flirte? It's never really seen the light of day!) somewhere hidden from view, to be opened on a special day. 

I don't really luxe up, I'm in college, I just get ready and go. 

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On an everyday basis? I think the Kate Spade New York wallet my husband bought me for my birthday counts! It's so buttery and soft, and it's an orange color that matches my current favorite handbag.


But overall I am told that I have very 'discerning' tastes... meaning I tend to only like the expensive, designer, luxe things. It's both a blessing and a curse, and it means I choose my new pieces sparingly and occasionally. I try to spend my money wisely, at least!

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