Weekly Beauty Challenge: ColorIQ

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Quick BT poll: Raise your hand if you've ever worn the wrong foundation. Everybody? Yup, thought so (myself included!).


Well ladies, disastrous foundation stories are about to be a thing of the past thanks to ColorIQ, Sephora + Pantone’s revolutionary new color-matching service. We teamed up with Pantone to get a hold of the same color-matching technology they use to match the perfect color shades for designers and manufacturers worldwide, and applied it to beauty. Kind of genius, right (if we do say so ourselves)? This handy little device has rolled out to all free-standing Sephoras, and in less than 5 minutes, it will take a reading to find your exact skin tone and spit out (well, not literally, but you get what I mean), the perfect foundation shade in a variety of finishes just for you.


Our office just gave it a test run (can you guess which one is me? :smileyhappy:), and I'm here to tell you, that crazy little gizmo works.


So for this week's Beauty Challenge, I want to know: Have you tried it? If not, get thee into a store and give it a spin. Then share your ColorIQ number in the comments below. (And if you really want to get fancy, you can Instagram or post a photo here of you holding up your number with the hashtag #MyColorIQ and we'll feature you on our Pinterest board!)


And if you can't get to a store, you can plug the shade of foundation you use now into the website and it will give you a good approximation of your ColorIQ number so you can look up your shade in other foundations you'd like to try. So cool.


Learn more about ColorIQ> 


Meet your matches on our ColorIQ Pinterest board>

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The color IQ is AMAZING!!!! I had over 50 matches and now know the shade I need in just about every foundation I've wanted to try. My color is 2Y07!!!

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I haven't been to a store, but I have put in my foundation color in to the online colorIQ.  I've been color matched for foundation twice in my life.  Both times I was very happy with the color matches to my skin.  I was kind of surprised, although I shouldn't have been, when I went to the color IQ online to see that BOTH of my good foundation matches have the same IQ number.  So while I haven't officially been matched in the store, I am fairly confident that a good foundation match for me would be 3Y02.  


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I'm 3Y08. It's a nifty device. I'd be interested to try it again to see if I get the same match. 


Here I am on the Sephora Pintrest (on the right)!



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And Candace you look so pretty in your Pintrest pic! Love the hair!


Theresa - you're so cute!! And I think it's so funny that you have the same colorIQ number as Jen. Just goes to show, you never know :smileyhappy:.



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1R13, putting here so that i can remember :smileyvery-happy:

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I got matched awhile back at 1R04, but it's still wayyyyy too dark for me... #palegirlproblems. Still looking for a foundation that matches!

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@unblownkisses - Do you currently wear a foundation we carry that matches? You can input it into the site to see if it will come up with a number for you. 

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I got 2Y06 which is just slightly darker than what I usually get - been getting some sun from hiking.  It would be great if in addition to foundation choices we could also get shad suggestions for eye, cheek, and lips make-up.

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I got 3Y08 and after looking at other people who also have 3Y08, I'm a bit surprised I got that. I didn't realize I was as "dark" as I really am. LOL


I see other people's pictures and I'm like hmm they seem way darker than me yet we have the same #. It boggles my mind. But I did the test and even used the foundation and powder they recommended and it seemed to match. I'll test out the products the next few weeks to make sure this is still the case. I might even go to Sephora again and ask for another test just to double check! :smileytongue:


But nevertheless, I think the whole idea is cool. I agree with @kimchikween and wish they could also recommend eye, cheek, and lips makeup that work best for a perfect natural look!

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ohh i really want to love it 110% (what a gorgeous idea, seriously!) but it's yet to match me very well at all! :smileysad:


the first time i was matched back in may, it came out almost laughably dark and yellow (3Y04 to be exact)--and i wasn't even wearing any trace of makeup! today i went in and tried it out again and got matched as a 4Y02 but that's still a smidge darker and yellower than i actually am. looking through foundations i've sampled and know at least kiiiind of match me, i figure i'm more of a 1Y03, maybe 1Y02!


regardless, i still think it's such a neat idea and i'm glad that it's helping folks out!

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I actually had this done yesterday!  I was quite surprise the SiJCP had one!  I can't remember my number, but she did say the gizmo said I had some yellow undertones.  Since the undertone stuff and whatnot is completely over my head, I had no idea what I was lol.  


However, it didn't bring up as many results as I was expecting, and most of them were liquid foundations.  I was looking into powders, not liquids.  Other than that, I thought it was a really cool tool!

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Candace---you are gorgeous!


I need to try that out for myself! As much as I love makeup, finding the perfect foundation match is kind of a pain.

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So how does this work if you're trying to cover up some redness? 

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@Mrsstory It should be able to identify your undertone and give you the appropriate shade that matches the areas of your skin that don't have as much redness.  That way you get a good match and it evens out your skin tone. :smileyhappy:

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I really want to try this! Will all Sephora stores be getting it or only some? 

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I am SO excited to try this! Last year, I tried so many different foundations and was unable to find a the perfect match. The search continues!

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Based on just the women in the pictures, I would be an 1R06.....and when I did the online test where you put in your current said I was an 1R06. How fun! I still want to go in store though and have them match me.

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I am 2Y09! And i am amazed to see that it worked because i know a lot of people were complaining that it wasn't working, But it worked for me! I was excited!

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Are you supposed to go in to the store bare faced to get the right match?  

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@Sleepwell It does have to be done on bare skin. If you go in with makeup the Cast Member will need to remove some to get an accurate reading.

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Thank you keelybt! 

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