Weekly Beauty Challenge: Calico Cat Eye

For this week’s Beauty Challenge, unleash your inner kitten with this three-toned brown cat eye. Follow the steps to recreate, then Show & Tell your look in the comments!


Cat Eye 4.1.jpg


I kid, I kid. Happy April Fools’ Day!


But we do love cat photos, so if you’ve got a pic of your feline friend to share, post it in the comments!


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I can totally go for a nap right now! Smiley Wink

miaaaaow *yawn*


I think I have everything but #1 down, my profs can probably vouch easily for #4 Smiley Tongue


Haha very funny Candace Smiley Very Happy.


I've always been team dog, but recently my boyfriend and I decided to get a kitten! We have decided on the name Mowgli. We are picking him up on the 15th! I'm very excited, I've had a few cats during my lifetime, but I have a strong feeling he's going to be my favorite.


The breeder absolutely loves this little guy, apparently he's very sweet. 





Ah, here we go!

I want to hug him and squeeze him and not call him George Smiley Tongue  He's adorable Smiley Very Happy

Here are my two babies. I got Jax when he was a baby from a rescue group.




I adopted Buffy in January and I was told she was about 10 months old.



They play for hours at a time and sleep together. Smiley Happy




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I was like WHAT! how are you supposed to creat this look! >.< you got me! 

Since we're sharing our babies, we have two cats, but this is my little girl, Mary.  We rescued her from one of my fiance's (no longer) friends a long time ago, she's 13 now, and a grumpy snuggle ninja.  This is her, post-pedicure Smiley Happy



That's my baby, Tito above (my husband's cat, he thought she was a boy before she got pregnant)...she's almost 15!

Oh good one Candace! I was thinking how am I going to create this look????? Wha????

I suppose I'm not surprised that a group of women who love makeup would all have cats who look like supermodels. These #kittehs are giving serious face, ladies. LOVE IT. Smiley Happy

@beautylovingirl - hahahahahahaha! I got someone! Yes!

Real funny Candace. HAHAHHHAHAHSmiley Happy

I L-U-V cats!  You all have such cute babies!  Here are mine.  They're half brother and sister.  They'll be 7 years old this Sunday and two weeks from this Sunday.  I adopted them from the neighbor of a work colleague.





Considering my current tools, here you go beautylovingirl Smiley Wink

Picture 16.jpg

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Oh, the cat eye. I have had a love/hate relationship with this look since I started wearing eyeliner. I love the way the cat eye looks, yet when I attempt to "rock" it, I end up with eyeliner up to my temples. Oh well looks like I'm just going to have to admire the look from a distance for now. Smiley Happy

@beautylovingirl-- me too!!  I thought the cat photo was simply an abstract representation of the look Candace wanted us to try out and was scratching my head about it until I got to the "April Fools" at the end!


@Moregun -- you look JUST like that calico! LOL!


loving the cat pics everyone!

Thanks for sharing your pictures everyone, what a beautiful group of kitties!

Darn, I got everything except #1. LOVE everyone's kitty pictures!


Meowrrrrr! Calico is actually my fav neutral combo, tho I usually don't pair eyeshadows with cat-eye. Here's my inspired attempt.

2013-04-01 19.46.19.jpg

2013-04-01 19.46.19 - Copy.jpg

Hmm, the gold didn't quite show up, but came out better than expected. =3


Thx! I know it's April fool, but I have a soft spot for calico. =P

How cute! I love this challenge.

@Beautytester and Moregun Love your Calico eye!

@Janine Can I come over and steal your cat?  He looks like a baby leopard! <3

I can't have a cat in my apartment, but here is my childhood cat. She was a model Smiley Happysnowflake.jpg

This is my little angle Cassiopeia, Cassi for short!


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Lol! I just realized I spelled ANGEL wrong!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Love her eyes ^.^

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Thanks, she's a cutie!

@beautytester and @MoreGun - kudos to you for actually taking the "challenge"! I love that our BT'ers are up for anything!


And this thread is totally making me want a cat, you guys. Not sure the 3 dogs in my house would approve though. Smiley Happy

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@MoreGun- Gee Thanks! Just don't leave your house like that it could draw some attention!!!Smiley Tongue

Kitties!!!!!!!!!!     Smiley Very Happy

@MoreGun- Yaz looks like a Kitty Kat!

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@beautylovingirl mrrrrow *prr*

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