Weekly Beauty Challenge: Brushing Up

Talk to any makeup artist and they'll tell you that the secret to getting a flawless face is really quite simple: It's all about the brushes. Brushes are the one beauty tool I never feel guilty about buying, because I know each one will be useful (case in point, it took me 3 tries to find the best angled liner brush to perfect my cat-eye, but I still use my other liner brushes to create different looks). And looking at these new Sephora Collection PRO Visionary Brushes, I definitely feel like there's one or two in the collection that I need to snag!


So for this week's Beauty Challenge, let's talk brushes. How many brushes do you own? Which ones are your favorite? Snap a pic of your brush collection and Show & Tell in the comments!


sc brushes 5.20.jpg


Shop brushes> http://seph.me/12H9UaO

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I would be hard put to count all my brushes!  I have a core set that I use everytime, but I got the Sephora Brush Belt plus brushes when it was on clearance, so I have a full set extra. It was such a great deal at $6 per brush that I couldn't pass it up. Probably around 50?

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@prettyinpa - you got the brush belt? *jelly*. It really was a fantastic deal. I'd feel like a pro with all of those brushes on my hip (it's the very one some members of our PRO team use, actually).

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It took awhile to count it all...proud to say I have 28 brushes!   Smiley Happy

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I have way too many; Not counting my 15 piece MAC travel brush set (they have tiny handles & I only use them for traveling) I have at least 46. I'm in the process of moving so I'm sure there are some hiding somewhere in a bag or train case. 

The brands range from MAC, Sephora, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass & Too Faced. It took me a LONG time to collect the brushes I have, but I love them all. I hoard eye brushes the most, even with spot cleaning after each use, those get dirty the quickest and I only deep clean every week (every other week if I'm really lazy). 


I looooooove my makeup brushes!  I'm so fickle though it seems like i find a new favorite once a month!  Right now my favorite brush for finishing powder is Real Techniques Duo Fiber Limited Edition.  It's perfect for a very light layer and I love the rounded shape. 


My favorite eye brushes are probably my Smashbox Studio Pop eye brushes.  The blending brush is lovely and fluffy, the smudger is perfect for powder liner, and the crease is small enough for my almost non-existent crease area.


Like prettyinpa, I got the Sephora brush belt when it was on clearance last summer.  I love the angled blush brush from that set, it feels really soft and silky.  I also really love the Pro Domed Blush Brush (which is the exact same shape as Real Techniques Blush Brush but natural).

@dannyc - You are so good and diligent about your brush cleaning! I am, sad to say...less so, lol.


@drrragon - Ok so I just bought the foundation brush that was in Daily Obsessions last week but now I want that Pro blush brush. I have a problem.

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@candacebt -- lol!  it's super plushy!  it's been on clearance since they discontinued the old silver-handled Pro brushes, but I see them in Sephora sale/clearance sections every so often.  Both online and in stores, come to think of it Smiley Happy


but yeah, i know what you mean....i have to be careful about brushes because it's easy to buy too many!


p.s. i wonder if i had a cute, fuzzy pet, if i would stop buying so many makeup brushes! Smiley Very Happy

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I own 2 makeup brushes; one face brush and one eyeshadow brush. I don't wear makeup enough to have more brushes, but I wear it enough that I need some more. I just have no ideas on where to start and which brushes are better than others. 

@drrragon - I have 3 dogs. The answer to that is NOPE. Smiley Happy


@foxinthesnow - you've come to the right place!  I recommend starting with a kit. It will give you most of the basic brushes you need for a great value. This one has all of your essential brushes in it (minus the blush brush).




sc brush kit.jpg



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@candacebt I have to be. I HATE deep cleaning,  but spot cleaning cuts the time in 1/2. I've gotten plenty of cysts from waiting too long to deep clean. I also keep my brushes in mason jars divided by complexion, eyes, and face/finishing. I introduced a new jar into the mix "used". As soon as it's full it's time to deep clean. 

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I have 15 brushes (not including my mini travel set) and my absolute favorite is my Sephora collection classic mineral powder #45 brush

Ohh my goodness, I have a TON of brushes!  Majority of them are variations of eye brushes, but I have a rather huge collection of face brushes too.  My personal set has 3 tumbler cups full of brushes, maybe 40 or so... plus misc brushes that live in my makeup bag that I carry with me for on the go use or touch ups.I also have a separate set that I use for clients, which has roughly 30ish brushes.  To be honest, I could probably dump a few that have poor quality, but I keep them around in case one of my favs is dirty.  I may just have to replace a few with the new Sephora Collection PRO Visionary Brushes!  I love the new line Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

This is actually my favorite brush. Smiley Very Happy


Face Complexion Brush

The Sephora Collection Face Complexion Brush

I'm really hoping to get a Clarisonic for Christmas this year.

But my collection is small and slowly growing since I am kinda just starting out. So far I have 28 brushes so far! Smiley Happy


Edit: Almost forgot to post my brushes. lol


Surprisingly my brush collection probably just hits the 25 mark! Like Mia I have about an additional 10-15 brushes that are strictly for clients, but they all live in my brush belt for convenience. I'm usually very particular about brushes I use. Over the years I've picked up a few duds, so usually I don't stray too far away from my favorite brush brands. I LOVE the Sephora pro brushes. If I had to pick just one favorite from the collection I'd have to say the Pro Bronzer #48 Smiley Happy.



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I'm a bare minerals girl, so of course THIS brush is a staple in my makeup collection. I have two of these and a few variations. I use mineral blush, so a big fluffy brush is a total must for me. Smiley Happy

I just bought THIS brush and it's in the mail now:


I got it to go with my new READY makeup Smiley Happy



The concealer brush from Bareminerals


ANNND my amazing angled eye brush, which really helps create ANY eyeliner look just using wet eyeshadow Smiley Happy



I have TONS of brushes for eyes and (way too many) for blush, haha. Smiley Happy SPEAKING OF BRUSHES - I've been looking for a good brush cleaner - does anyone have any reccomendations?


@Apocalyptica - your brush cup is so cute!  Makes me want a cupcake Smiley Happy


@marydiva - I have a couple of bareminerals brushes too, and they are really good. I love the big face brush for powder.


Recently I've been using the Koh Gen Do brush cleaner (a little goes a looong way), but the Sephora one is good too, and I love that it comes in a spray bottle and is a great price.


sc brush cleaner.jpgsc brush cleaner.jpg













Sephora Collection Brush Cleaner: http://seph.me/12K60hg

Koh Gen Do: http://seph.me/119BKZ8

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The last  time I counted I had 63. There is the combination of Dior, MAC, Bare Minerals, Chanel and NarsSmiley Happy

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Hmm...the only brushes I use are MAC...

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I made a vow never to count again after I found out I had 150 lipticks, but I would imagine I would imagine I have at least 40 brushes, maybe more since I would have thought I only had 70 lipsticks before I counted. They are mostly Prescriptives, Chanel and Sephora Collection.  Since I've worked for Sephora I have really come to love the brushes and are now the first ones I reach for.There are just so many different shapes and textures that I apparently need to own.  I am loving the Pro Visionary brushes. Most of them are very uniquely shaped so I really don't have something like them already. 

I've decided I HAVE to own:

Pro Visionary Face Blender Brush #134


Pro Visionary Highlighting Fan Brush #122


Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush #220


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Thanks @keelybt I now NEED to have the lash fan brush! 

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Brushes are my new obsession----I have mostly ecotools and real techniques and a few MAC---I also have a few here and there's like urban decay, elf and Sephora collection. I just bought a flat top foundation brush from mac and I LOVE it! I can never have enough liquid foundation brushes--I hate cleaning them so its nice to have a few back up ones.

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@ keely

that pro visionary brush 134...what is it supposed to do? I know it says blending but whats the difference with other blending brushes?


my fave brushes are

sephora brush # 55

nars yachiyo

chanel blending brush #7

suqqu l/m/f/s brush

nars botan

and real techniques blush brush

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@Viviene23- The Pro Visionary Face Blender Brush is a great brush for contouring! It works especially well with cream blushes. It's the perfect shape that hugs the cheek bones and allows for smooth blending.

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