Weekly Beauty Challenge: 2014 Beauty Resolutions

I'm not sure why, but it seems like making (and keeping!) beauty resolutions is much easier for me than doing the same with *typical* resolutions (less caffeine, shopping and chocolate? Boo, boo and boooo). Plus they're more fun. 


So let's share! What are your 2014 Beauty (or *normal*) Resolutions? Show & Tell!


(And if you made them and have since abandoned them, no judgments here. Smiley Happy).


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Not a resolution per se (part of my resolution to get into an ayurvedic routine), but I've been doing daily ayurvedic self-massage with oil (abhyanga) after dry-brushing with raw silk gloves (was using a natural bristle brush before). This practice is so incredibly calming and wonderful both for connecting with the body, as well as increasing a sense of self-worth/ self-esteem (like sending yourself the message that you are worth it, both in the time set aside as well as the practice). Another bonus is that you go into the shower with already moisturized skin (the steam/ heat helps to oil to penetrate) so you don't end up with dry winter skin. Good for cellulite, circulation/ lymphatic drainage. I've been much happier and more centered with this in my routine!

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Oh i have a lot of Resolutions!!

Stop picking at my skin! I was doing so good but stress triggers it!!

Use my Perfumes instead of just looking at them! 

And start using my DDG Steamer again! I was using it 2+ times a week but slowly stopped as i started getting busy, And i miss how it made my skin! So soft, And Glowing! I need that back!!

I have 3 beauty resolutions - develop and stick with a good skincare routine, perfect an amazing brow and finally figure out the winged liner (this is totally my kryptonite). 

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I've got my perfect skin routine down, but a beauty resolution for 2014 is to use what I have BEFORE I get any more.  Or use it up before I repurchase a staple anyway.

Find a new foundation and try to make my skin look flawless!!

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1. develop perfect skin care routine

2. use my perfumes

3. have fun and be creative with my makeup

4. purchase items that I need without a thought if I actually need it


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1. USE UP STUFF!! (ie, wear makeup and perfume everyday or try really hard to) 

2. Try to follow a one in one out strategy with getting new beauty products! (but that could also include giving a product away, selling it, etc , not just using things up) 

3. Finish up mini mascaras and as many liners as possible, and use up my stash of skin + hair samples before buying more. 


#3 will be a bit harder to follow than the rest i think haha!

1) I love the "use your perfumes" resolution, so I'll adopt that one. I have a ton but I collect more than I wear


2) Master strip lashes.


3) More exfoliation.


4) More fun!

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My only beauty resolution is to use up my make-up before buying more...and...I already broke it haha

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@BeautyJunkie325 try using a pencil first to get the shape you want, and then a liquid on top of it so you can control the shape. Marc Jacobs and Stila are pretty easy to use (pen format).

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My resolutions as far as skincare is to start washing my face at least once a day, even when I stay home and do nothing with my new clarisonic. And to start taking better care of it overall since I'm going to be 21 this year and establishing a routine is important. I got the Ole Henriksen, 3 little wonders for Christmas so that's my routine right now and I'm hoping it's gonna last awhile since it's so expensive. 

I also wanna start learning and get better at doing my own makeup. I'm not terrible at it but I always envy these women who look amazing and like they had their eye makeup professionally done. 

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Only buy products when I actually need them (except lipsticks; those I always "need").

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I think my biggest beauty resolution would be...


1.) To PERFECT a smokey eye. It seems as though I always wear neutrals, (mostly mattes) and I never stray...I always seem to mess up a nice smokey eye; I don't have the best hand...its too heavy on one eye, or too light....ahhh my technique isn't at all perfected.  So I stick to my 'natural' eye on a daily basis & a night on the town.  If anyone has any tips or tricks, please feel free to message me!!!


2.) To stop buying foundations!!!  I have way too many to use! But, everytime I frequent my Seph in JCP, I always buy a new foundation.


3.) Get on a daily skin-care routine & use it. 

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Ok I added some.  


1. Wash face in morning too.

2. Use cuticle oil as much as possible (ditto hand lotion).


3. Follow the following beauty schedule:


Monday:  Exfoliate face

Tuesday: Deep Condition Hair

Wednesday:  Face Mask

Thursday:  Exfoliate body

Friday-Sunday:  Relax.

I need to cut down on nail polish. I'm pushing 400 bottles and I already bought around 15 since the new year. At least I used cash on those so my hubby doesn't notice a charge on the credit card. Heehee!


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