Thursday Throwdown: YSL Lippies

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It's Thursday, and you know what that means:

1. The weekend is nigh (woot!)

2. It's time for another Thursday Throwdown!


Today, we have the battle of the luxurious lippies, featuring 2 of YSL's most beloved lip products: YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Volupté Shine vs YVES SAINT LAURENT ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain. Now I know that these aren't *technically* the same product, but they are close enough that people often debate between the two when in the market for a glam gloss.


So what say ye, BeautyTalk. Which lippy do you prefer?




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(Thursday Throwdown Disclaimer: There are no "winners" or "losers" here, only respectful opinions, based on your preference. So be nice.)


I can't choose. That's like choosing your favorite child! They are both my favorite lip products for two different reasons. I like the Rouge Shine for the perfect amount of shine without over bearing glossiness for a more natural look. Although, I like the Glossy Stains for intense gloss AND a long lasting under coat stain for more ritzy occasions. You really can't go wrong here :smileyvery-happy:


I've never tried the Rouge Volupte Shine, mainly because since I discovered the glossy stain I have become obsessed with it and other YSL products seem unnecessary.  The glossy stain is 100% my favorite lip product.  It lasts forever, it doesn't get on my teeth, I can eat, drink, or smoke and it stays on, it feels great on.  Basically it's my favorite beauty product that exists and I can't imagine anything replacing it in my heart.


I agree I can't choose one or the other either YSL Lippies are the best ever. Once you start wearing them there's no way you'll just have one!:smileyhappy:


Hahahahaha I love these answers! (I feel like an evil genius right now. :smileyhappy:) I figured it would be hard to choose, that's why I did this one. I own both and they really are amazing products. And they make me feel like a diva every time I pull one out of my purse!

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I'm team glossy stain for sure. There are countless brands that carry various high quality lipsticks, but I've never owned anything quite like the glossy stains.

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Shine - but that is just because I prefer my lippie stuff to be in a stick form rather than something I have to apply w/ an applicator. Of course, I haven't tried the stain and now maybe I need to....

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I have to go with glossy stain! I took the plunge after some lovely advice from the ladies here and I love it!!!!!

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Please! Glossy Stains. No contest. Saturated, buildable color and I don't have to reapply more than twice a day? Glossy Stains FTW.

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I went to the store to try out the Glossy Stains for the first time today.  I needed help and we found 3 great colors.  I didn't want to fall in love with 3 great colors.  So now I need to decide which one to get first.  I'm amazed at how much shine I actually still have 3 1/2 hours later!

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Nooo...I love both. If I really have to choose, I'd say glossy stains just because they last longer!

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The glossy stains for sure! They are amazing!

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I have both & while I love the Rouge Volupte, the Glossy Stains are my new true love <3  I apply them once & the color lasts all day!  I dont need to touch up throughout the day... maybe just a little something to moisturize mid-day :smileyhappy:

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That is tough. I think overall the glossy stains are the more unique product and have a wide colour range. And last forever. That being said the volupte shine is more hydrating and still has great staying power. I own 6 of the first and 2 of the second so I guess that answers it too!

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Shine!!  i saved up and treated myself to one for the Summer.  Incredible!

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Theres no way i could pick between both of those... YSL lip products are my favorite!

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SHINE all the WAY! I don't like the smell of the Glossy Stain. :smileyhappy:

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Ahh such a hard decision. I think I like the Glossy Stains better. It has more of a lacquer feel and I prefer a thicker formula!

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Shine! It smells better and I can honestly say that I haven't tried a more luxurious lipstick yet! Quite honestly the L'Oreal glossy stain type things are just as good, hopefully they make their color range larger!

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