Thursday Throwdown: Naked vs. Naked 2

Here at Sephora we're like one big happy family: we love and support our brands; they're all special in our eyes. But even the closest families experience their share of sibling rivalry (take it from me, I'm the youngest of 3!).


So I thought it would be fun from time to time to have what I'm calling a "Thursday Throwdown". I pick two amazing products from the same brand, and you guys weigh in on your fave. There are no winners or losers here (we're a family!), this is just for kicks. And if we help an undecided BT'er with a purchasing decision, well that's just a plus.


For today's TTD, we have a battle royale between two HG palettes from Urban Decay. Naked or Naked 2? What say ye, BeautyTalk? Show & Tell!


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I'm totally loving the "Throwdown Thursday" Idea! I look forward to seeing more! Although i don't own either of these i have swatched them and i think if i was going to purchase one i would go with the first Naked palette! 

I have the Naked 2 and I almost wish I had gone with the original Naked.  I find there is a little more diversity in the shades in the first one.  In the second one the shades all look very similar and blend together almost to a monochrome.  That said, I do enjoy my Naked 2 palette to make a natural looking eye.  

I think naked 2 by a hair. They both have colours that I really like and I seem to alternate them to not play favorites (I know they're palette and don't care!). Foxy is my favourite highlighter and I find I can go either warmed or cooler with the naked 2 colours

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I don't think you can really say which one is better.  Naked one is better for warm tones.  Naked 2 is better for cool tones.  They are both made really well and the same quality went into each palette.  It's more of a preference.  That being said I do like the Naked 2 better because it meets my needs better.  I bought the first Naked and ended up giving it to my sister as she is warm toned and I am cool toned. 


I also like the idea of a "Throwdown Thursday".  Maybe next time it can be similar products but different brands.  I think it's to hard to decide which is better when they are pretty much the same thing, just different colors.

Ive got both palettes and play around with them like every day -but my personally fav is Naked 1!

Btw, this is totally not a "which is better?" throwdown, it's a "which do you prefer?". It's all about preference, because they're both awesome! (Yes, I have and use them both.) Smiley Happy

Both palettes are amazingly pigmented and the shades are beautiful. I got Naked 2 first because I loooooove me some taupes, but I would say after getting the original Naked I probably reached for that more. But in truth with the tons and tons of products I have bought since, I can honestly say I don't really reach for either super often. They're still both GORGEOUS in their own right. I just tend to reach for more matte shades when I really want to go neutral. At the end of the day, although I love taupes, I think the original naked is more of a true neutral eye if that is what you're looking for.

The original NAKED! I spent countless hours swatching both palettes, but I absolutely love the original. No matter what color combos I choose my eyes always look great. I cant go wrong when I use it.

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Oh I was totally thinking about picking up one of these but was having a difficult time deciding between the two! This is an amazing idea!!

I prefer 1...those colors just look better on me than 2!

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I have Naked 2 and I love it, but I probably should've gone for Naked since the colors are warmer.

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I really like both so it's hard to choose just one! I prefer the Naked 1 for day looks and the Naked 2 for the evening.

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Hard to pick! I think for me the Naked one, I like the warmer gold tones.

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I don't actually have Naked 2, so I can't make a true comparison, but I love me some Naked 1.  I think it's better for me than the 2 because I like the warmer tones.  I think they both seem really awesome though.  If I had unlimited funds I would get a Naked 2 and then I could really compare.

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I don't have Naked 2, but several of my friends have it. When I swatched and played around with their palettes, I felt that the first Naked palette suited my complexion a lot more. The warmer, gold tones are just excellent for me, I feel like Naked 2 has a lot more cool tones!


I'd love if UD made a revamp of the Naked palette so that it was as solid as the Naked 2 one though. As far as packaging goes, Naked 2 definitely wins. 


Overall though, I love my Naked palette! The first one, I mean. It's got a lot more variety and the colors are gorgeous.

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I love my Naked Palettes!  I have both, but I find myself reaching for the Naked2 for my every day looks & my Naked1 for evening looks.  Which I find kinda funny, since Janine said the complete opposite!  I also love the packaging of the Naked2.  I can toss it around & bring it anywhere, knowing it isnt going to pop open on its own at any random moment Smiley Happy

I only own naked basics (shocking I know) because I have a good amount of neutral shadow but I still want those palettes. Color wise, I'm more drawn to naked 1---I feel like I can do daytime neutral, nighttime neutral, daytime smokey and nighttime smokey with that palette. Skintone wise, I think that naked 2 would suit me better because I'm on the lighter side of the scale, but the color selection doesn't appeal to me as much. But packaging wise, naked 2 wins all the way. I want them to repackage naked 1 already!

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I will have to say I prefer the first Naked palette.  I use it quite often along with my Naked Basics palette.  With or without a tan, I use the palette all year around.  I'm not sure if it's the best match for my skin tone since that skin tone stuff is pretty much over my head lol.  However, I think I'm warm or neutral?  Maybe? lol.

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This is a great idea!  I would have to say the first Naked Palette is more diverse than the second.  Also, the colors in the Naked 2 are so cool toned, that they don't work on certain people, I feel like the original palette could work on everyone.

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Im head over heels in love with both palettes, but i like more warm, bronze colors, and Warm colors look best on my skin tone, so naked one wins.

Naked 1- no question... but you got to get both for good measure.


All time favorite color - "Buck"

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i love both of them but i think that naked 1 has more warm tones and naked 2 has more cool tones, and using naked 1 would work for anybody. but with naked 2 it might be a bit harder for it to look nice on everyone who uses it (:

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