Throwdown Thursdays Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

It's time for another Throwdown Thursday! Today we are discussing the cultiest-of-cult-fave products, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. Luxe, yummy smelling, and oh so moisturizing, these bad boys (girls?) are considered by many to be the HG of lip balms. But with so many new colors to choose from, a girl can get a little confused.


So what's your preference, BeautyTalkers: Original or tinted (and if tinted, which one)? Throwdown!


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Tinted, I love the Rose one the best. It gives me a nice rosy lip color but still keeping it on the natural side. The formula is so hydrating and smooth to apply, no to mention the smell is amazing.

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Tinted Petal! A beautiful pinky-nude color. Love them!

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I love them both, but my favorite is the tinted. I love several, but I really love the new Petal! It's very subtle, but it's perfect for no makeup or little makeup days.

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Tinted for sure.  Petal is my all time favorite "my lips but better" color but I haven't tried most of the other colors.  Maybe I will swatch them next time I go to Sephora.

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Tinted taking the lead! In case anyone was wondering, I'm a Plum girl myself, but I've been eyeing the Passion color. :smileyhappy: 

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I have both, tinted and original, and I think I like tinted the most, because its such a small tint, it doesn't make you look like you wear lipstick, but it still give that little cute touch! :smileyhappy:

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I've only tried one, and that's the one that came in the Give Me Some Lip set.  Yuck!  The scent is nauseating, the texting is nasty, and it's tinted pink or rose.  How do you use lip balm when it's tinted?  My lips are extra heavy-duty severely dry, so I put lip balm on under my lipstick and I put it on throughout the day over my lipstick (lightly and gently so as not to mess up my lipstick too badly).  When it's tinted, that defeats the purpose and limits it's use to evenings and weekends if I don't go anywhere.  Is there an untinted, unscented, non-ointment-textured Fresh?

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I love the Sugar Honey!  It's the perfect pop of color for me :smileyhappy:


I love the originl! It leaves my lips soo smooth and glossy!  And the smell is just amazing! I love that the birthday gift last year were these since it introduced me to it!  I love it!


I prefer the original. I always have to wear it daily and if I feel like it then I can add on a lipstick or gloss over it. Either way, it's nice to have it on my lips which are always so dry.

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I only have the original which I got as a sample and like it. I'll try the tinted ones at some point. 

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I must be the only person who doesn't like any of the Fresh sugar lippies. I've tried the original, advanced, and honey. I really wanted to love them because of all the great reviews, but they actually irritated my extremely sensitive lips. I love the scent and the color, but my lips just got all red, swollen, and itchy. Just to reiterate - I have super reactive lips. I can't use anything with mint, cinnamon, or citrus oils.

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Original for anytime moisture and chapped lip relief. But Plum is my all time favorite tinted, especially when I have no make-up on and need just "something" to perk up my face. Except for Berry all the other tinted ones look absolutely horrible on my darkly pigmented lips. So sad that most of the holiday sets don't feature Plum anymore! You can only find Plum in the large, expensive all color sets now. :smileysad:

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I just opened the advanced lip therapy in the white tube and love how the feeling is slightly less waxy and heavy on my lips. :smileyhappy:



I DO love the sugar rose and want to try the sugar honey! :smileyhappy: 

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I got the tinted and rosé with everyone else in the birthday gift and I'm not a fan. I wanted to like them and I liked the texture and scent but they don't help my lips when they are chapped and the rosé color is too sheer for my preference. I'll stick to my Tokyo Milk balm tin. 

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I like the Sugar Advanced Therapy or the Sugar Honey.

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My favorite is still the original.

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My favorite is the Advanced lip therapy one! I put it on before bed and wake up with super smooth and hydrated lips.

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Tinted for me.  Like Keely, I'm a fan of Honey.


I like the Passion red :smileyhappy:


It's gotta be the original.


I need to stock up now that fall is really here with a vengeance.  I had to purchase new hand cream since I was out, now it's time to start stocking Fresh Lip Treatments all over the house so I'm never far from them!

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Passion is my favorite!  It's the perfect bit of red.  Honey is the only one I haven't liked.  It just looks gross with my complexion.

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I haven't tried any of the tinted ones but I did manage to finally snag a deluxe sample of the regular one and... Thus far I don't really know what to think of it. I don't not like it, but I am not in love with it either. For the price and all the raves I was expecting it to knock my socks off but I keep reaching back for my regular balm. I like the lemony scent of this one, but it makes me nervous to apply, its so soft and mushable. They need to put this in better packaging.


I might buy one of the holiday sets to test out some of the tinted ones, we will see.

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I love the Original and use it ever day.  It's great to wear to bed, alone during the day (SPF 15), under or over a lipstick.  It adds a soft shine but is not sloppy or sticky or overly glossy. I have tried the Petal and the Berry and I do like them.  They have an amazing amount of color for a lip balm.  I have had trouble with the mini versions getting a bit too mushy and would love to see that issue addressed.  

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Tinted! Totally tinted. I've only tried a few of the colors (so far), but I love the Rose. It's a perfect My Lips But Better color.


The Lip Polish is awwwwwesome for those times when your lips need a little extra de-chapping.

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I like the original and the tinted ones. It's hard to pick a favorite tinted. I use both the rose, petal, honey and the berry. And would like to try passion and the cherry.

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LOVE the Fresh lip balms.  I snagged one of the holiday sets last year with all the colors except for the new Cherry tint and have been working my way through, but my favorite is Passion.  Not too red but not too subtle, it makes me look pulled together regardless of whether or not I'm wearing makeup.  I love all the colors, especially the advanced treatment for night, but Passion looks more natural with my fair skin than I originally thought it would when I first purchased it.  Buying it again for sure when I run out!

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Definitely tinted!  My lips need color!  Love the Sugar Honey!

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Berry- everyday! My cousin got me hooked on it and now I'm addicted.

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I can only use the tinted.  The original is formulated with wheat and I have had an allergic reaction to it, gave it to my husband to use!  If they ever reformulate without the wheat, I am back to the orginal.  I LOVED it.  The smell, the texture, the moisture its awesome.  On to the colors!

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While I like the original, Rose is definitely my favorite. :smileyhappy:

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Sugar Rose Tinted is my favorite. It's my lipcolor, only better. And believe me when I say this little guy makes any lipstick last so much longer.

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Hands down Passion is my fav.  I live in Canada, winters are brutal so my lips for thankful for these :smileyhappy:

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