Take the Algenist 10 Day Challenge!

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I take my duties as BeautyTalk Community Manager VERY seriously, as you all know. :smileyhappy: And since I JUST sat down with Algenist's VP of Product to talk about their brand, and she JUST let everyone know that their new 10 Day Challenge would be launching very soon, I would be a terrible Community Manager if I didn't tell you that the Challenge is now live on! Beauty Insiders can get a 10 day supply of the brand's new Retinol Firming & Lifting serum, free with any $25 purchase.


Try it and report back, I want to know if it worked for you!>


Read my full interview with Algenist VP of Product Tammy Yaiser here>

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Love this brand traded 400 pts when the little tub of moisturizer was a perk and Im still on my first container

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I'm dancing in the streets because the new Algenist oil is finally available.  Ordered immediately AND got in on the 10 day challenge!  I guess I'm cheating a little because I have been using the retinol serum since it was available but I do know the difference it has made and continues to make. :smileyhappy:


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Yay for Algenist fans! So glad you guys love the brand. And that little moisturizer does last a super long time!

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i'm on day 4 of the challenge, hope i see results *fingers crossed*

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Finished the challenge, and ready for a full size!

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I Love the way that my skin looks and feels after using this product for 10 days!  It is firmer, has more moisture, and appears 20 years younger!  Thank YOU!

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tried it....loved going to research and order this product.  My skin feels smoother, tighter and looks great!

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I tend to have 111s between my eyebrows.  I decided to give it a try.  It took a little longer that 10 days, but it did make a HUGE difference.  Just wish I had taken a "before" picture.  It has been added to my "love it" list for future shopping.

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I love this, it doesn't do anything drastic but my skin looks radiant. I stopped even using BB cream and just this and a moisturizer. Gonna have to buy a bottle now

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I did the challenge and notice that my fine lines have filled in a bit and my skin feels firmer, tighter and is clear (I am prone to middle-aged acne). Very impressive! 

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I was currently using 5 products, so thought I would try this as a way to consolidate my regime.  I was pleasantly surprised that I could use this one product for similar results.  I would really like to see Algenist sell the 10 day challenge size for travel.  It would make life so easy.

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