New BT Feature: Rich Linking

Raise your hand if you nerd out on website updates (Beautytester, I'm looking at you Smiley Wink). Well today I have a very cool BeautyTalk update to share with you: Rich linking!


Rich linking is just a techy term for allowing clickable images in posts. So now, when you post a product link in a thread, not only will an image of that product show up in your post, but other users can click on that image to be taken to the product page! Revolutionary, right? (that was a joke, I realize this is not revolutionary, but hey we're trying, and you have to admit, it's a pretty cool new feature.) Smiley Happy


Here's how it works:

1. When you are starting or replying to a conversation, and you'd like to call out a product, go to the product page and copy the link from your browser.




2. Paste the product link into the conversation you are starting. After you paste the link, an image of the product will pop up below the post. If you'd just like to include the link without the product image, click the little "x" to the top right of the image to get rid of it.




3. If you'd like to keep the image but lose the link (the image will still be clickable in your post), delete the link in your post after the image has appeared. This is how I do it, because personally I don't think links are that pretty, but this step is entirely based on your preference.




4. When you click "Post" the image will show up in your post!




5. To get to the product page, just click on the image or the product name.




6. If you'd like to post more than one product, you can do that too. Just follow the same steps, copying and pasting the product links into your post. They will show up in a product carousel at the bottom of your post.



(See what I meant about the not-so-pretty links? Smiley Happy)


Note, this feature only works for products (trying to post a link to see an image won't work...for now), but that's pretty much all we talk about anyway, right?


I really hope you guys enjoy this new feature - this is the first version we're rolling out, so there will be updates to it in the future, per the usual.


Let the enabling begin! Smiley Happy


This is awesome!!

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Very cool!  Thanks for explaining this.  :smileyhappy:

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So cool! Def helps since I have trouble posting pics. Thank you!!

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This is awesome- it should condense a lot of the product recommendation threads.


Two thumbs up!

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Yay! Good to know I'm on the only one who cares about this. #BTgeek

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That is cool!  Total computer nerd here Smiley Happy

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Great! This will make long wish list posts WAY easier!

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Love it! Saves a lot of time now that I don't have to save an image and upload it and link it.

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Yessss, what a great update! I agree with you @candacebt that the links are ugly, some of them are so long. 

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Cool!  Thank you !  This will save time and be very helpful!

omg this is totally super cool!!!  so much easier than pasting a link AND a photo, and I love that carousel option!!   *applauds loudly*

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Oh my gosh this sounds amazing.  Is it live yet?  I was unable to make it work just now.

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I love it! Usually when people post the picture I search for it.. and now.. I don't have to waste time! Woot woot!

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Oh! One more thing, speaking of updates. It doesn't work in blog comments yet (booo). But it will at some point, I promise. For now, it only works in thread posts.

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Just one word NEAT Smiley Happy.

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Thanks for sharing!!

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This is cool, makes it much easier than saving images to post a pic of a sephora product.

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Yay!  I remember being disappointed the first time I tried to click on a picture and realized it didn't work that way.

LOL... Candace totally called out Beautytester!!! Smiley Very Happy But I love it!!! This is perfect!!!


Thank you so much for laying it out step by step for the technology impaired like me!!!

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ohh I like this!

Well, I gotta live up to my name Smiley Wink


YAY! Now I can post just 1 link instead of 2 links for every products I recommend. And you forgot another pro. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! When I post pictures this way, the pictures don't automatically gets added to my album!!!! I don't want my album to be flooded with pictures of every single product I recommend.


Lol, ok, continuing the nerd out streak, I think this is a loop hole or else can you tell me how to do this? When I paste a link the image shown is the default color selection, but let's say I want the image to be UD eyeliner in Goldmine, when I pasted the link, the only image that shows up is the default (smoke). Is there a way for you to select the color/options within a product? it might be a good thing to consider since sometimes people ask for specific color recommendations. =)

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This seems really cool, but it is not working for me Smiley Sad


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@Imi82. It doesn't work in this thread, which is in blog format. The function described should work for the normal BeautyTalk posts. Try posting here and see if it works:

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@beautytester. I've tried doing it on a couple of threads. When I paste the link in nothing happens. No image of the products appears below the post. I've followed the instructions here, but it just isn't working.

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I noticed that when you post pictures using rich links, they don't pop up out on the main page that shows all of the recently commented on topics.


A picture attached to a post out there is typically what catches my eye, or how I scroll through to find a post I saw earlier in the day. So I find that detail to be less than exciting. I would rather save the image and reload it so that it will show up under the topic out on the main page.


Is this an issue that is easily remedied?

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Hmmmm, maybe it's not working for specific browsers. I'm using latest version of Chrome and have recently cleared my cache/cookies. Other than that I've no idea, it's still a bit buggy....I think I already found 2 bugs and 1 inconvinience. =X

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Wow this is great! This is really going to be useful Smiley Happy Thanks a lot!

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this is so cool!!!

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@vanillammm - Yes, I caught that in testing and it bummed me out too, but that's one of those upgrades that won't be fixed immediately (this is only the first iteration, there are more to come). 


@lmi82 - What browser are you using. 


@beautytester - The posting by sku color is another known issue that is on the list. Unfortunately the links pull by product page ID and not sku ID at the moment, so working on that too! But the linking to a picture functionality still works if you want to post an image of a specific color, and it won't save to your profile pic images. Smiley Happy

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@candacebt. I'm using Firefox.

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Thanks!  This was easy and it works well.  Smiley Happy

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I think I did this a few times.  Now, I cannot get pictures to show up at all.  It seems like everyone else can do it, so I wonder if it is a setting in my account or if I need a serious touch up on my computer skills.

It used to work, but stopped recently. Not sure why.

Yeah, they changed something, and for some reason it hasn't worked for me for a little while. I kind of miss it, not gonna lie.

oh good, I thought it was just me and my computer

Yeah, it hasn't been working at all. Sad. 

Bring it baaaaaaaaaack!!

I miss it too. I've noticed it the past couple days when I've tried to link products. Where'd you go, rich linking? Smiley Sad

Good.  I am glad it is not just me.  It worked a while ago, so I knew I was doing it right.  I agree that they should bring it back.  

Hi Ladies,


I reported the issue with rich linking a couple weeks ago, ladies. I hope they have it fixed soon because I really miss it as well Smiley Sad

Hi ladies! It took a little bit but it looks like it is working again. Please clear your cache and try using links again. Thank you for reporting the issue!

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