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I've gotten a number of requests to photograph the ridiculous amount of nail polishes on my desk, but I've always been too busy (and embarrassed) to do it. Well, our team photographer took the matter into her own hands, grabbing a bunch for this beautiful shot featured on our Instagram yesterday.


This photo is, sadly, only about a third of my (office) collection (home is an entirely different beast), but I thought my BTers would be interested in getting a peek (especially if you don't follow Sephora on Instagram, which, um, why not?). This is how the Mani Friday magic happens, ladies! Smiley Happy


What's in your polish stash? Show & Tell!


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Oh pretty! Is that the Julep polymer top coat I spy? That's my FAVORITE.

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Oh my gosh, I'm not home right now but as soon as I'm able to I'll post a picture of mine. I love going through my polishes and sorting them by color haha. My polish drawer needs to be reorganized anyway Smiley Happy

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Wow!  I really like the picture of your (mini) stash, Candace.  My entire stash is maybe the size of one row!

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 @malday - DO IT! Smiley Happy


@Titian06 - Thank you! It's slightly ridiculous, I know.

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I'm a bit of a Zoya fanatic. Smiley Happy I have six more on the way this week, somehow. 

I can't!  I posted photos before, but since I'm north of 600 now, they um... won't fit on one frame.

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@starletta8 oooh yes! you are the nail polish queen here, until Candace ever decides to show us her stash and it is somehow bigger than yours! lol But, until then, you will forever be the Nailpolish queen! haha

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