Mani Friday: Wicked

Mani Friday Roll Call: Raise your hand if you're a Broadway freak (meeee! MEEE!! *raises hand*). I admit, there are few things I love more than a good musical (or bad, honestly), on stage or on film.


Well apparently Deborah Lippmann was reading my mind. Her new Wicked set includes 3 layerable polish minis inspired by the Broadway show, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Nail polish and musicals? Yes please.


What mani are you rockin' this weekend? Show & Tell!


wicked 9.27.jpg


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MF927.jpgAs promised I stole the one finger bling look. XD Wearing Sinful Colors in Last Chance (which despite what the bad lighting shows is actually a deep green) and Milani Jewel FX in Gems. Also have sparkles on my thumbnails. Smiley Very Happy

Those are Gorgeous colors @Candacebt, I've always wanted to see Wicked!


Well Shockingly i don't have Sephora by OPI polishes on!! D:

But these are gorgeous colors!!! A Cute Coral color and Orange Glitter! Smiley Very Happy



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No pic but...


Deborah Lippmann's Defying Gravity with a Fake it till you make it accent ring nail. Perfect for the wear green week for University of Oregon fans.

@arielaaaaaaa- Love that color so pretty!

@Candace- Awesome!

So I've been trying REALLY hard to capture the color shift and holographic qualities of the polish I used on my accent nail. The mani is Essie's Go Overboard with Indie polish brand Shleee Polish Year of the Black Rainbow for the accent nail. It shifts from teal to pink/purple in dim and indoor lighting and is holographic in bright lighting all in a black base.


2013-09-25 12.06.43.jpg


2013-09-24 20.25.01.jpg


2013-09-24 20.24.42.jpg

This week I'm wearing Butter London British Racing Green with a Sephora Jewelry Top Coat on the ring finger.


British Racing Green.JPG

OMG I loooove Wicked Smiley Very Happy!!!

I can't wait seriously and I love greens whoop whoop!

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Very cute! 


I picked up some halloween polishes that were black and orange sparkles, as well as gold and red sparkles.. Funny they are Halloween but match my favorite teams colors PERFECTLY! I'm giving my nails a good breather but will have to check out those AND of course the lippman polishes!

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I'm loving everyone's take on their accent fingers. Such good colors!

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Left over from last week: Sephora OPI Gelshine in Havana Dreams with Nails inc Holographic Glitter Top Coat. It's my FAVORITE glitter, I don't know why it doesn't get more buzz. I struggled trying to get a good pic of the holographic Smiley Sad 







@Malady that looks like Julep Reece! I love it shifts

@dannyc - I LIVE for that Nails inc holo glitter, it's also really good for gradients because the glitter is so fine!! This is a look a did with it ages ago, still one of my faves!




This is my weekend mani! All Gelish with some gold leaf Smiley Happy Gelish

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Huge Broadway nerd here!


I haven't decided on nails for the weekend yet...

@candacebt I'm glad someone else loves it as much as I do. I'm not that talented though... can you come over & do my nails please? Thanks! Smiley Tongue 

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Pure black.

Sephora by OPI in What's A Tire Jack?



10.jpgDeborah Lippmann Candy Shop

insta @Anetasei

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@Anetasei, Ohhh Very Pretty! Smiley Very Happy

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