Mani Friday: Tuxedo Nails

Today's mani was inspired by a concert that I'm SUPER JUICED to be attending tonight. Can you guess what it is?


(Hint: I've got my "suit and tie" on my nails for the occasion.) 


I also just wanted an excuse to try a tuxedo mani. Smiley Happy


suit_tie 7.26.jpg



What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell! 

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Super gorgeous! I wonder what the concert could be Smiley Wink


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Could it be?!?!?!?!


Those nails are so cute and perfect for the occasion! I once made chocolate covered strawberries in tuxedos! Even a few in pin stripe ones! Your nails are making me think of that!

@arielaaa - thanks!


@lylysa - I can legally, as a representative of Sephora, neither confirm nor deny. Smiley Happy 

However, I do now want a chocolate covered strawberry. 

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Either way, I'm sure the ladies of BT aren't complaining of a photo of JT in the midst! 


Have fun at the concert you're attending tonight!

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I continue to be blown away by your nail art week after week, Candace!


Enjoy the concert!

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Sooo cuteee!

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ooooh Candace I'll be there too! Can't wait! and I have an urge to do my nails now but no patience for those awesome tuxedos you made, love it!!

@lylysa - I think you're right about that. 


@starletta8 - Thanks! Where are your nails??


@melissa - thanks dear!


@diana - Nice! I'm so excited! (Bring a jacket. Or two. Smiley Happy)

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adorable!!!!! so jealous! Smiley Happy 

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Candice - Your nails are stunning!  I have no idea who you're going to see, but may he kiss your hand!

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oooh look at that fancy artwork Smiley Wink

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@Candace- No nail art this weekend- family commitments! I've been in a rut of glitter anyhow...

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That is so cute

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that's really pretty Smiley Very Happy
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