Mani Friday: The System



Happy Mani Friday! So here's the deal with today's plain nails. I was all set to do a look, but when I checked my nails last night they still looked great from when I painted them on MONDAY. Nearly five full days of button buttoning, keyboard tapping and dog petting, and these babies were still kicking, with minimal tip wear. I knew my BTers would be interested in this mini mani miracle, so I had to post a pic!


How did I acheive this level of polish perfection you, ask? The System by Formula X. Cleanse, Prime, Color, Shine: the four steps for a lasting mani. I am completely floored by how well it works.


The color is "Bitches Brew" Smiley Happy by Deborah Lippmann, which I also thought was interesting. You can use the system with another brand and it will still work fantastically. However it's worth nothing that if you purchase the the full system, you get a Formula X polish free. Trust me, it's worth it.


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!







I painted mine white and used my new Xplosives topcoat in turbulent.  My dad said they looked like those Robin's Egg candies you get at Easter. Smiley Happy



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Oh I love the Xplosives over a while base! So cool!!

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No photo right now but I'm so happy about this mani I could squeal!


Burberry Beauty- Oxblood.


It's so pretty- and I've been wanting to try Burberry for oh so long!

@BeautyJunkie325, love it! Your dad is right, so funny and the look is cute, cute, cute! 

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Candace that is amazing that your nails still look so perfect from Monday!

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Candace, that color looks great on you!

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Candace, for comparison, how long do you usually get out of a mani?

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Had Candy Shop from Deborah Lippman with the system used from Sunday morning until last night when I took it off.  Minimal tip wear and only one minor chip due to snapping/unsnapping diapers!

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Here were my nails for friday! I bought so much nailpolish for the VIB/Rouge sale, i might be posting here every week! Lol

I used Ciate For my middle finger silver color as well as the decoration on top of my index finger and the same silver color on my pinky. And also the caviar for the ring finger nail.

then i used formula x for the black and white color on my thumb and index, then the explosions for my pinky and thumb!


i was really creative and couldn't choose one design or another! Lol

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Today I am wearing Nailtini polish in Caviar Cocktail and a "Graffiti" polish from Avon.

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