Mani Friday: The Foil Look

Welcome to a special "ask and you shall receive" Mani Friday! Today's mani was inspired by community member lilyy, who requested I give the Formula X for Sephora "The Foil Look" a test run. So I did!


Not gonna lie, it's pretty amazeballs. Definitely the closest to a true "foil" effect that I've ever seen in a nail polish! What do you guys think?


FOIL 1.17_sst.jpg


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!


Oh! And a quick color note - I had to use a flash to capture the true mirror effect, so the colors are a little distorted. The blue is actually more of a periwinkle / softer blue on the nail. The pink is reading reddish in this photo but it is a much cooler-toned pink. 



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I had to cut my nails really short because they kept breaking but here is what I had this week:



Essie Tea & Crumpets, Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me


I'll be doing something different later today.

@malday - I had to cut all mine down least you have longer nail beds. Mine are down to nubs! :smileyhappy: 


Love those colors! Only Gold for Me is still one of my fave topcoats...don't tell anyone. :smileyhappy:

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nails.pngThis is what I have right now but I feel bad for posting a gel full set look when everyone else has their own nails painted so here is what I had a few days ago. nails1.png

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Just a quick black mani with flaming dice decals.


flaming dice mani.jpg

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A deep red wine color that is just dark enough to look sexy but light enough to be appropriate for my age and classypicture242.jpg

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