Mani Friday: Sweet 15

Happy Mani Friday! Today's mani was inspired by the super bright and fun colors in our Sweet 15 art. It also gave me the chance to practice one of my favorite-but-still-trying-to-master mani, the gradient (or ombré, depending on which camp you're in).
Happy Birthday, Sephora!


What are you rocking on your nails for the weekend?


sweet 15 nails_st.jpg


Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish





Omg Candace your nails are always so awesome! The ombre looks perfect and love the yellow accent Smiley Happy

These are SO pretty I want to take my polish off and redo them!! Here are my fun "confetti" nails!


confetti nails.jpg

I love your nails, Candace! It just screams SUMMERSmiley Happy


I have a texture nail going on. I need to apply another coat, its only been one day and it started to chip a bit.



I just did a Denim Mani last night & am so proud of it!

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@leopardmint CUTE!! is that the Nails Inc denim set or just your own designs? 


@melissabt I like that color a LOT!

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@dianabt THANK YOU! This was my very first post on BeautyTalk.  I was certainly inspired by the Ciate kit, but whipped it up at home from polishes & studs I already owned.

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@Leopardprint OMG your nails are fantastic! Such a cute design Smiley Happy

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@keelybt Thank you so much!  They don't usually turn out this great, so I had to take the opportunity to post  Smiley Happy

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@leopardprint - I love your nails!  I admire those of you who have the skill and partience to design your nails.  How awesome!

Thanks ladies! @Diana & Melissa - great nails! I'm really interested in that confetti polish. Is that Nails Inc Feathers?


@leopardprint - Your nails are awesome! I love the denim look. And welcome! Thanks for posting. And of course now I will expect to see you here representing every Mani Friday. Smiley Happy

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Pretty simple, just a stripe of gold on a pearl/off white nail..... in I brought Nails Inc. Mayfair cuz I want the vib amore kit, got it on Wed and put it on my nails....

.....then found Sephora mini polish on sale along with some other things I want, got that today and put a stripe on....


I still need to practice my ombre/gradient. I can do it, but by the time I get it right I have like half bottle of nail polish on my nails -.-;

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@candacebt - I LOVE the blue! Smiley Very Happy

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@beautytester- I do that ALL the time, lol. Which is why my nails often end up with glitter all over them!


@Apocalyptica - thanks! The light blue is the JinSoon color in my Sweet 15 post today! Smiley Happy

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@Candace YUP! That's about 3 coats of it though LOL so I hope you have patience or that quick dry spray lol 

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This wasn't for over the weekend, but I slapped on some OPI Teal the Cows Come Home with a Sally Hansen Gem Crush glitter accent nail.  I didn't like my original nail art, so I took it off and went for this:




@Candace  I love your gradient!  Which technique did you use: painting the base color and sponging on one at a time or applying all the colors to the sponge and building it up on the nails?  Or a different technique?


I love everyone's nails!

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@kimmi1115 - What a pretty blue! I'm all about the glitter accent nail. Smiley Happy


I used the painting the base color and sponging on the other colors one at a time w/ a makeup sponge method. The applying all of the colors on the sponge first method never works for me!

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@Candace&Diana&leopardprint- Love all your nails!

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