Mani Friday: Sparklezzzz

Happy Mani Friday! This week the polish fairy dropped off a slew of Ciaté Mini Paint Pots on my desk, and because we all know I have absolutely ZERO self-control when it comes to glitters, I had to try all of them. Plus I figured you guys would want to see what more than one of them looked like, as we may or may not have a *few* BT'ers who are known for their love of zee sparklez. (See? I do it all for you).


What do you think? (All together now: "Ooooooh, shiny!")


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell! 



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Love your Mani!! I'm obsessed with Glitter Polishes, and this makes me want to put a different one on every nail.... 

Candace, I love that you have zero self control with nail polish! Smiley Tongue


Is that Violet Vixen on your ring finger, that one looks divine on you!

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@candacebt - So much sparkly goodness!


My nails aren't done - yet! I'm going to a four year-old's birthday party tomorrow. Have to do something tonight. I'm racking my mind for ideas!! 

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@candacebt - You have zero self-control with the sparkly polish?  I never knew that!  (snicker, snicker)


They all look great on you, but my eye went right to Violet Vixen!

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This is my #fightforlightandlive mani for today. <3

Colors by Llarowe - Julia Roberts 1967

Rainbow Honey - Best Friend (glitter)


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