Mani Friday: Season's Greetings

Happy Mani Friday! I went simple and festive for the weekend with a red and gold manicure using Deborah Lippmann Red Silk Boxers and OCC Polish in Cruising.


What are you rockin' on your nails this weekend (and for the holiday!)? Show and Tell!


holiday 12.20_stbanner.jpg


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Red Silk that name!


Red and gold are a combination that can never go wrong for the holidays!


I was going to grab a charcoal polish at home on my way out to work so I could do my nails (yes, it's so slow I could paint my nails at my desk) but totally forgot!


I do have a clear coat so I might start prepping soon. 


I broke a nail a week ago and filed that one and the rest to a square tip (not my fave look on me, but I couldn't bear to cut them all down), but then another nail broke a few days layer so I was able to trim them slightly and file them back to being round/with a soft curve.


Right now my nails are naked (even my toe nails)....brrrrr, gonna need more than Red Silk Boxers and that cute Santa hat to keep hem warm! Smiley Wink Smiley Tongue

Love that. It looks gorgeous!


Mine are naked right now but I plan on doing a mani tonight. Right now I have Julep Karmen on my toes which is a great holiday red with lots of superfine gold micro-glitter. 


My fingernails are pretty short so tonight I plan on doing a mani with Julep's Jane which is a full coverage rose gold glitter. (Sensing a theme for the shiny magpie). Christmas party with friends tomorrow night.  Smiley Happy

Errmahhhgawdddd, I think I may have found a dupe for my lovely OPI Smitten with Mittens shade that is discontinued with the Julep Karmen!


Granted I know the lighting is different (I'm busy Googling swatches and pics of both to compare more).


Jane looks totally gorgeous, ShinyMagpie! It reminds me of the Stila foiled eye shadows!

Behold my crappy paint job.



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love it! this was kinda what i wanted you to try; the red silk boxers or MJ with gold - it looks ggggrrrreat and i knew that it would! - beautiful job Candance - the red silk boxers are enroute to me as we speak, Friday or Monday I will be painting away!

@ Lilyyy, when I read your post I read it in the "BEHOLD! The power of cheese!" commercial voice! Smiley Tongue

Karmen is gorgeous! I just bought it this afternoon. I can't wait to get it.


Thanks ladies!


@spoiledbrat - Yay! I was thinking of you when I did this mani.Smiley Happy  I couldn't get my hands on the MJ, but at least I could show the other one. You're going to love it!


@lylysa - Post your nails when you paint them, I want to see! Are you painting your nails charcoal because you've been naughty this year? Smiley Wink


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@ Candace, hahaha! A little from column A and a little from column B??!? Smiley Tongue


I've been obsessed with richer colors as of late, I did this boysenberry/plum shade not long ago, a rich hunter green, and did the Butter London Saucy Jack red last week, so I'm definitely in the deep colors for the holiday season. I've never done a solid charcoal so it'll be interesting enough. I'll be sure to snap pics, I've yet to decide if I'm going to leave it solid or maybe add a touch of glitter....mmmm, decisions....

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image.jpgWearing "On a silver platter" by Essie! Absolutely love the new encrusted collection - I own every colour from it!!




Wearing OPI color so hot it berns, OPI I snow you love me, and essence nail art in silver

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Just did my mani last night.


Formula X  ASAP Duo Pack

Formula X Need for Speed

Butter London Tart with a Heart

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Finally got around to using my Mugler nail stickers! LOVE!


(0) Hearts that the Deborah Lippman Candy Shop polish I see? LOVE it, I have it too.


As for my nails, I did a mani-pedi the other night.  Chanel's Taboo on my fingernails and OPI's Bogota Blackberry with Essie's Set in Stones on top of that. 

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Photo on 2013-12-22 at 08.30.jpg

excuse the crappy lighting.  

Zoya Rekha and Rimmel Rags to Riches on ring finger.  

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I'm wearing Essie A-List, it's a classic creamy red. Love!

Bday/Holiday NailsMine are bday/holiday nails!

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@waterbaby1981 it's a dupe from the nails inc diary, which is on sale right now!

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Redid my nails to match my early Christmas present. Burberry in Golden Light, a perfect match for the gold iPhone 5s.



I finally decided to do my nails for the first time in almost 2 months!!! D:

I did a Purple Sephora by OPI purple polish, It's Real 18K Gold top coat, And a Sephora by OPI Jewelry Top coat for the accent nail. 

And....I had a little fun with the A Beautiful Mess app!


Here's what I did this week since I missed my mani appt last Saturday. I used Zoya's Rekha & Sarah for the creme and glittery reds.   Arielaaaaaaaa, I used A Beautiful Mess too. Smiley Happy



@BeautyJunkie, I love your nails! So cute! I was going to do something more creative, like Candy canes, or something but i was babysitting my Nephew and did them real quick while he was taking a nap!! I totally love the White dots border! So festive for Christmas! I'm going to have to start using that app more! Smiley Very Happy

@arielaaaaaaaa thanks!  i was pretty pleased with myself.  It definitely looks a lot better than the totally grown out red & whit I did have.   I love that app!  I've used it a few times. now I just have to post my pic to Instagram. Smiley Happy

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Pretty! and you all just made me realize how much I'm slacking on the holiday nails lately Smiley Sad It's so dry and cold my cuticles and fingers are atrocious! I love those glittery reds! Theres a Formula X that I need to put on, like, yesterday!

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