Mani Friday: New NARS

Happy Mani Friday! Today we've got two more beautiful new NARS nail polishes that I couldn't wait to try, Night Breed and Purple Rain (which might be my favorite name for a nail polish like, ever). The effect of the glittery black over the metallic purple is really quite stunning in person, although it was a challenge to photograph (#nailbloggerproblems). What do you think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell!



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Purple Raaaaaiiiiiin!!!! Ahhh! The color looks totally different on than in the product photo, but it's gorgeous! Makes me want to ask if you happen to have a poet's shirt to match! Smiley Tongue


Night Flight is drawing my eye in from the new collection!

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Oh, my - that's gorgeous. I'm wearing a golden taupe right now and am feeling more than a little like switching it to something exciting and purple. And listening to Prince songs. 



I did turquoise stone nails for this weekend!!! I used Color Club Blue-ming, OPI Love, Angel, Music, Baby and Sinful Colors Black on Black. Smiley Happy

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