Mani Friday: NARS 3.1 Phillip Lim

Happy Mani Friday! Today's look is brought to you by NARS 3.1 Phillip Lim Polishes, featuring Gold Viper, a stunning platinum gold metallic. And because I'm nearly incapable of leaving well enough alone when it comes to nail art, I added Hell Bent and Other Side to the mix. What do think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell!




What is the best thing about Friday at Sephora?  New sale items?  No.  Fan Friday on Facebook?  No.  How Candace did her Friday mani?  YES!


Another winner Candace!

Your nails are giving me all sorts of Iron Man/War Machine!!!

I dig your nails @Candcaebt! It looks like the red & blue color have a jelly/ crelly consistency! Very cool!

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This is my Sephora by Opi in FLOW-ER. It is actually a cool toned red w/ a (idk what u would call it) kinda shimmer like finish. Neither pic does it justice at all. The pic's are in 2 diff. types of lighting (in the house, not a pic app.) & it really looks like neither. It red & pretty! Would have taken the pic w/ my new tablet but I don't like it, too small! So bad lighting/ pic took once again!

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I had an hour to do my nails while my son slept Wednesday. Quickly threw on A-England in Order of the Garter and Dancing with Nureyev on my ring finger. 



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Great mani! I've chosen something simple, Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment. My nails are not in their best state so I needed to go clean and simple.

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Great nails ladies! 


LOL thanks brat! Smiley Wink 


@evilpinkrobot  - Is that a wasabi kit kat?? NOM

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@candacebt It's a green tea one. Do they make wasabi ones too?

@evilpinkrobot - Yes! They're white chocolate and wasabi flavored. Weird, but interesting. I've only ever gotten them from friends who bring them back from Japan.

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I purchased the color Crossroads this past Sunday at the VIB Rouge event.  Can't wait to have some free time and put it on!

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Or the hot pepper ones!  I love the cheesecake and lemon ones!  Kit kats are the only chocolate I can keep around cause I don't wanna not have them.  Waiting til November to see what they have next.  

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