Mani Friday: Matte Madness

Is anyone else as excited as I am that it's FINALLY Mani Friday? (It's been a long week, ya'll Smiley Happy).


This week I managed to get my hands on the new  JINsoon Tibi Fall Collection, and since I couldn't decide which color was my favorite, I decided to use them all. They're rich jewel tones shades with a gorgeous hint of sparkle (and one awesome olive duochrome), that are perfect for Fall. I was also excited to try the new Matte Maker top coat, so I threw that on as well. I love it; I've been staring at my nails all day!


What mani are you rockin' this weekend? Show & Tell!


jinsoon 9.19.jpg



Cute nails, Candace! I love the play with finishes and those shades are excellent for fall! So rich and inky!


My nails are currently sporting Ghoul Time from Wet N' Wild. I wanted something very loud, even bordering on fun-obnoxious! Smiley Tongue Every time I look at my nails I smile at what a bright color it is! Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Lunar Festival so I'm also showcasing a yummy mooncake my bf and I tore into after dinner! Yum!


My nail color reminds me of Om Nom from the game/app Cut the Rope:


As always i love you Mani Candace! Smiley Happy

I have on Break a Leg Warmer with a Jewelry top coat on the accent nail Smiley Very Happy



Did them in 5minutes today @ work! Just plain NUDE Smiley Happy

@candace - Your nails look great!


@arielaaaaaaaa - Your mani looks marvi!  I have that color; think I'll have to break it out.


I'm wearing Julep duochrome.  I don't remember the name, Blakely, maybe?  The duochrome doesn't show up in my picture though.  I looks awesome under the fluorescent lights at work!



Loving that matte coat!

MF920.jpgMF920 2.jpg

Wet and Wild Color Craze "Rustic" and Klean Clolor in "Black" XD Thought it looked nice and fall-y.

@Warriorwitch, I love how both hands are different! I need to do that when i can't decide which color i want Smiley Very Happy

@arielaaaaaaaa (That a lot of A's O_O) I actual saw a lady at my bank wearing her nails like this but in a mint green and candy pink. I loved the way it worked so well so I had to steal for myself. I love your sparkles on one finger too, that might be something I do next week. Smiley Very Happy

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Thanks Smiley Happy

I can't wait to see next week! Smiley Very Happy

Great manis, ladies! Looks like everyone is getting ready for Fall too! (I totally support lime green for all seasons Smiley Happy).

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Zoya Darcy with Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday on top. Darcy was streaky and really difficult to work with, though I've never met a yellow polish that isn't. Luckily you can't see the shaky application from a normal distance, lol



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Very quick photo.  I've been doing a lot of swatching lately, and I've settled on Deborah Lippmann Laughin' to the Bank for at least tonight.



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My first real attempt at nail art - still needs a little clean Smiley Wink

Main color - Chanel Particuliere, Stripes - Chanel Accessoire and Zoya Carey


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@spacesuit - yeah, yellows are usually a giant pain. This may sound nuts, but Sephora Collection Color Hit polish makes a great yellow that's not super streaky. It's not as pastel-y though, more vibrant.


@starletta8 - Ooooh! I love that green! I think I have it in my DL stash, I have to try it!


@kimchikween - Welcome down the nail art rabbit hole! Love it!

I have super plain nails this week. I couldn't decide on a design or color scheme so I ended up using a couple coats of Chanel's Or de Russie





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@candacebt- Last weekend I had a glorious DL swatch-fest at my local SiJCP.  They all know me by name- and cracked up at my  "OMG Holy "cannoli"" face at discovering the brand new DL polishes there.  This was one of two that called my name- knowing DL polishes, I had to get the LE one first. (The other is Its Raining Men, which is the hottest, awesomest red ever- but a permanent color).

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Got my first gel polish done today. I love it. Dried so fast. Totally worth it for me. I just hope it lasts as long as they say. For all you young ladies, I am going to be 50 in Dec and am so proud of how well my face has held up due to watching my sun exposure. My students can't believe I'm going to be 50. Very few wrinkles. Just a few crows feet ( should have always worn sunglasses to avoid squinting). Anyway, I looked at a pic someone took of me this week and was very happy with face and then saw hands. Wow.....they look so old. i have never liked hand lotion and I wash them constantly. Students come to school with diseases. I was shocked at how wrinkled and old they looked. I ordered the Jelep hand lotion and age fix cream immediately ( got the hourglass promo yeah). 


So, my take away is to not forget your hands as I did because I don't know if I will be able to reverse the damage. 

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hmmm, I can't add my pic. The window at the right of the box to add a pic is missing. -Smiley Sad

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Argh. I'm mad at my nail polish right now. For the past 2 weeks I've used polishes that oxidized to a completely different color than they are in the bottle. Last week was Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Pat On The Black, which 

This week it's the same formula in a color called Malbec which started off a gorgeous deep plum, then turned mostly black:

black purple bomb.jpg


Now it's faded to a very flat dark grape color and I am not a fan!

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Photo5774.PNGBeen rocking the greys for the last couple days.

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